: Riaz is a foreign language teacher, an award winning artist and business owner in Michigan where his is a well known figure in the Muslim community.  He has lived in the United States for over 30 years, and has travelled back and forth to Pakistan for many years, having dual nationality. His beautifully and sensitively written memoir,
A Life Like Hours, tells his tragic love story spanning across two continents, that of Pakistan and America.

KEN MCADAMS: Ken McAdams became a US Marine Officer during the Vietnam War and joined the famous “Black Sheep” Squadron.  After the war he joined Pan Am and became the youngest division Chief Pilot in Pan Am history and became the personal pilot to Pan Am Founder. He has broken 3 World Records and established one other. Ken McAdams has been writing all his life. Bon Courage is the first of a series of three books in a series. It is a charming narrative nonfiction telling the story of how he and  his new wife in their 60’s, embarked on their honeymoon to a charming peaceful village near Toulouse,France, where they  find themselves buying a medieval house.  Bon Courage recounts the trials and tribulations of renovating a house in a foreign country and not speaking the language. Published by Moyer Bell.

Spies, by Yossi Melman and Eitan Habber, has for over 40 weeks been on the best seller list of the Ha’aretz Newspaper in Israel. This is Yossi Melman’s second best selling book, the previous book Every Spy a Prince co-authored with CBS anchor Dan Raviv, was on the Best Seller List of the New York Times for 15 weeks in 1991. Published in thirty countries, it was translated into ten languages. It was a best seller in Israel, Russia, Poland and several other countries. Melman has written six other books on terrorism and covert diplomacy and publishers articles in major international newspapers including the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times and The Guardian. Yossi Melman is regarded as one of the world’s leading authorities on Israel’s intelligence operations. His new non-fiction book The Nuclear Sphinx of Tehran, written with Meir Javedanfar, was published in April 2007 by publishers Carroll and Graff and in paperback by Basic Books in February 2008

The Artist Key is Natalia's guide to her own principal technique of how she works as an actor, her passion and initiation into the entertainment industry.  Originally from Honduras, Natalia Lazarus is at the helm of the L.A. Performance Center and its subsidiaries: The Promenade Playhouse, The Los Angeles Performing Arts Conservatory, and the Entertainment Keys to Success Series, the Acting, Writing, Directing, and Personal Growth technique that she created and developed. She is also the CEO of Vivre le Theatre Franco-Anglophone in Paris, France. In addition, Natalia is a private and international on set coach for Hollywood celebrities (most notably, Ken Jeong of The Hangover, Community, and Knocked Up; Teresa Ruiz from Border Town with Jennifer Lopez and winner of the Cannes Camera d'Or 2010); and institutions throughout the world. Natalia is a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City, and the film program at New York University; with adjacent studies at the Sorbonne University in Paris, France, The University of London, The British Film Institute, and the Ned Herrmann Brain Dominance Center.

Vagabond; the Rock N' Roll Life and Times of Tony Sheridan is the only comprehensive biography of the man known as the "Fifth Beatle" and also "the teacher" by Sir Paul McCartney. Martin had exclusive access to Tony Sheridan. Martin Duffy is an author and filmaker living in Berlin. He is the author of a number of non-fiction books published by major publishing houses. He is also an award-winning filmmaker, writer and director.

The Great Expectations School (Arcade Publishing August 2007) is Dan's memoir, a searing account of that year in one of New york City's toughest elementary schools that received high acclaim in both the New York Times and Newsweek.  It is a powerful, heartbreaking story that challenges the image of inner city schools and the children that populate them - a humanistic, humorous, and honest account by an accomplished young writer.  Dan Brown was born in Philadelphia, but moved to New York to attend NYU Film School.  In 2003, he became the first person ever to go directly from NYU to the New York City Teaching Fellows.

Call on Dolly; Celebrating Fifty Years of Hello, Dolly! highlights this landmark musical over the  decades. This is THE book for fans of this musical whohave been waiting since the show’s opening, 50 years ago, celebrating one of the most successful musicals to hit the shelves. Richard Skipper is a popular award winning and critically acclaimed entertainer, theater historian and pop culture blogger. He has conducted over 600 interviews for his daily blog celebrating people in the arts and also on-stage interviews with the original Dolly, Carol Channing, Ron Young and Peggy Pope.

The Family is a portrait of his family, but a metaphor, too, of the family of Muslim nations and the brotherhood of man.Meshal Al_Sabah, a royal prince from a Middle East ruling family, a diplomat and journalist. Inspired by Barack Obama's philosophy and the objectives the US President sets out in his biographies, Meshal’s ultimate dream and driving force is the creation of a better world.

Cannibal Capitalism (John Wiley and Sons November 2011) follows Michael Hill’s intellectual journey from losing a net worth of more than $40 million in the 2007-9 economic collapse to reassessing the operation of America’s capitalist system. Michael Hill is a media trained journalist, a 20 year veteran public speaker and business entrepreneur. He regularly conducts business development and project management classes and he's also a contributor to the Washington Post and other mass media outlets.

The Honey Trail ( St. Martins Press October 2010) Grace Pundyk traveled the world to uncover the truth behind the disappearance of the honey bees.  This story of her journey is involving, surprising, occasionally disturbing and often very funny.  Published by Murdoch Books in Australia/New Zealand as The Honey Spinner. Grace is a writer, editor, award-winning photographer, and author of 10 travel and photographic books.

: Pollywood (Wydawnictwo Naukowe 2011), Andrezej Krakowski's best selling book in Polish, traces the of part that Poles have played in making the Hollywood film industry the force it is today from its early inception. Professor of film at The City of New York Film School. Andrzej is the producer and/or director of over 50 films many of them made to make a difference, including the iconic Looking for Palladin, Triumph of Spirit, and Genghis Khan, and the Emmy nominated television series, We are New York.

Half-Drag is multi-award winning New York photographer Leland Bobbe's latest project that captures both the female and male sides of New York City drag queens where his subjects pose halfway in drag. Leland goes beyond the picture and interviews them to find out how they feel to be dressed in drag. Half-Drag went viral when images were released on the web. Leland has photographic shows throughout the world.

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