About Langtons International Agency

Langtons International Agency is a literary agency specializing in non-fiction including memoir, true crime, biography, health and addiction, dogs, business and how-to books. Well written literary and commercial fiction including  mystery and thrillers, women's fiction, young adult and middle grade children's books, and most recently film scripts.

Run by Linda Langton, Langtons International Agency is attracting to its list many notable clients such as award-winning journalist and best-selling author Yossi Melman; award-winning authors Dan Rottenberg, Dan Brown, and Professor John Gerassi, Jean-Paul Sartre's official biographer as well as middle grade and young adult writers Libby Pataki, the First Lady of New York, and Charlotte Kandel. These are but a few of the multitalented clients that Langtons International Agency is proud to represent.














Langtons International Agency also acts as a consultant to The Museum of Modern Art to help capitalize on their wonderful wealth of images and to extend their product and sales base nationally.

Linda Langton takes a personal interest in working together with her clients and the publishing world in general. Prior to developing Langtons International Agency, Linda was a founding director and publisher of the multi-award winning, international greeting card and calendar companyThe Ink Group. The Ink Group had offices in Australia, New Zealand, England and the United States and was sold in 2000. With a personnel base of 300 people, it became one of the largest greeting card and calendar companies in the world.

As publisher for the company Ms Langton was responsible for the creative development and product base of the company, negotiating licenses world-wide, winning contracts with such well known artists and licensors as Gary Larson (The Far Side), Star Wars, Sports Illustrated, National Geographic, and The Tate Gallery.

The company won many awards, including two Juan Samaranch Awards for excellence in quality and design for its publication of calendars, greeting cards and posters for the 2000 Olympics and a number of Calendar Association of the USA Awards for Excellence in Design in the years 1994-2000.

Ms Langton, a native of Manchester, England, was educated at Elizabeth Gaskell College in Manchester and The London School of Economics.  Amongst her many personal citations Ms. Langton was inducted into the Business Women Hall of Fame in 1999,
the New South Wales Business Woman of the Year Award in Australia, was nominated Australian Business Woman of the Year. She is also a member of The International Women's Forum.

With over twenty-five years experience in the industry Ms Langton brings to Langtons International Agency her extensive business acumen and international experience, her creative, publishing and marketing skills, and her talents to know what is hot and what is not.


Member of the International Women's Forum
Member of Women's Forum New York
Member of Forum UK
Lifelong Member of Chief of Enterprise Women of Australia