Bonnie MacBird,
Art in the Blood (HarperCollins UK, September 2015) and Unquiet Spirits (HarperCollins UK, October 2017) "Linda Langton did a marvelous job as my literary agent in selling my book series Art in the Blood: A Sherlock Holmes Adventure to HarperCollins. As a first time novelist, I needed guidance on the submission and negotiation process and her experience, kindness and communication talent made all of this understandable and smooth. She was creative in her approach, wise in her selection, and has managed to place this book in excellent hands. What a pleasure it has been to be in such expert hands. Any author would be lucky to work with her. Thank you, Linda!"

Ashley Fontainne, author of Marriage Made Me Do It (HarperCollins UK, Septembr 2017) "Superwoman. That is my nickname for Linda. She went above and beyond the duties of an agent. She took time to assist me from start to finish in a world I'm unfamiliar with, encouraging me throughout the entire process, and helped me achieve a dream I've had for years. To become a commercially published author. Her cape is in the mail."

Judith Aller,
Trumbo (Grand Central Publishing, November 2015)
"Smart, honest, perceptive and persistent, Linda Langton herself is keenly aware of her obligation to her clients, and Langtons International Agency is a rare find for any author. Why? Because the combination of marketing and sales is the key to understanding an author's needs in the publishing world of today. And Langtons International Agency has it all right on the money, marketing experience and the instinct in knowing where a book belongs."

Robert Parker, author of
A Wanted Man (Endeavour Press, 2017)
"Since day one, working with Linda and everyone at Langtons International Agency has been a dream. She has been such a fantastic mentor, motivator, guardian angel, and friend, and I feel so lucky to be able to work with her. I am a better writer simply because of Linda, and the chance to work with Langtons has been the best thing, bar none, that has happened to my writing career."

Linda Watts, author of
Your Life Path (Skyhorse, 2017)
"I am one of the most fortunate persons on planet Earth to have met and been represented by Linda Langton for my personal growth and development book, Your Life Path. Linda has been a tremendous inspiration throughout three years of revising and developing the book and book proposal. She is one of the most uplifting, positive-minded, and excellence-oriented people I will ever meet, and I feel for her a deep debt of gratitude and admiration as we progress toward publication of my own labor of love. Thank you, Linda, for all your help as we progress to the next stages of my publication journey."

Geoffrey Glover-Wright, author of
Hard Act (Fiery Seas Publishing, 2017).
"I had absolutely no hesitation nor reservation whatsoever in signing with Linda Langton at Langtonís International Agency to represent my literary work worldwide. Apart from being a thorough professional with an amazing work ethic, Linda understands what is needed to encourage an author to fulfill the potential of a given work-in-progress without dampening enthusiasm for a project. Most importantly for me, Linda recognizes that honest, frank, constructive advice is not necessarily the only way forward. She seems to know instinctively that the solitary, sometimes destructive, nature of a writerís muse may mean what is needed is caring not criticism - and that is a rare gift indeed!  I am delighted to have Linda Langton represent me and look forward to continuing success through Langtonís International Agency.

Jaz Davison, author of
Once Upon a Mouse (Austin Macauley, 2017) Simply put, Linda Langton has two incredibly important attributes when it comes to dealing with an untried author: Belief and Commitment. Even though she knew it would be hard to find a publisher for my book, she believed in it and me and committed herself to seeing it in print. And she did! In spite of receiving many rejections, she had faith that she could find my book a home, and did - with Austin Macauley, based in London, who will be publishing it internationally. She is supportive, encouraging, relentless, and so very kind. I can't imagine anyone else being as helpful while taking such a chance and risk. Thank you, Linda! You have made my dream become a reality.

Charlotte Akin,
Coop Stories [Editing with Book Marketing International]
"All it takes for me to go off in a fit of excitement and anticipation is just a little something from you!  You may not have realized this super power of yours! I just want you to know how much I appreciate your calm and gracious tone in corresponding with me.  It is much needed, refreshing, and a really powerful reflection of Linda Langton."

Sam Alibrando, Ph.D., author of
The Three Dimensions of Emotion: Finding the Balance of Power, Heart and Mindfulness in All Your Relationships, (Career Press, 2016).
"Thank you Linda first of all for taking me on as your client and then for the resources that you provided in creating a proposal that sold the book in our first round. You exemplified the tenants of my book, finding a balance of Power (competency), Heart (passion) and Mindfulness (strategy) in your role as my agent. Thank you, Linda!"

Charlotte Kandel, The Enchanted Riddle (Strident Publishing UK, July 2012), The Scarlet Stockings (Dutton Children's Books,2008):
"I can highly recommend Linda Langton and her company as a valuable source for all writers, whether experienced or first time, writers of fiction or nonfiction. Prior to publication I worked
extensively with Linda on my book, The Enchanted Riddle, book one of a magical realism trilogy. Her energy, enthusiasm, and insights were of inordinate value to me and I cannot recommend her highly enough."

Jason O'Toole, author of
The Irish Players
"Linda Langton is that rare breed in this cutthroat publishing industry - a passionate literary agent filled with empathy, encouragement and an abiding dedication to her authors, whom she genuinely treats like dear friends or even beloved family members. As someone who is genuinely enthralled with the written word, Linda is not only highly knowledgeable about the writing and editing end of the business, but she has an insiderís knowledge as well of the fickle publishing world itself. And, of course, even more importantly, she is on first name basis with all the main publishers, both domestically and internationally. But one of Lindaís most endearing qualities is that she always makes time for her clients and always promptly replies personally to your queries.  Itís this personal touch, this genuine care for her authorsí that makes her stand out. From a personal experience, I remember that one of the first messages of condolences I received when my father passed away was from Linda, who had heard about this sad episode through the proverbial grapevine. It is encouraging to know that she is there in your corner fighting the good fight to find the best possible home for your latest opus

Priscilla Bennett, author of
Something to be Brave For (Endeavour Press, 2017)
"I am fortunate to have Linda Langton for my agent and am delighted that she found a publisher for my novel,
Something to be Brave For. Her determination, guidance, extraordinary support and belief in my novel have been inspiring. I trust her without reservation and respect her kind professionalism."

Wayne Avrashow, author of
Roll the Dice (Fiery Seas, 2017)
"For my first novel I could not imagine a better agent than Linda Langton. She has provided me with meaningful guidance, direction and support. Her opinions on my manuscript have significantly improved the book. She is a great asset to any writer."

Marianne Gage, author of
Private Faces (Endeavour Press, 2017)
"My thanks are overflowing to Linda Langton, my agent at Langtons International, for leading me toward publication with Endeavor Press.  The whole process has been one of courtesy and optimism, and was an experience I wholeheartedly enjoyed!"

Diana Montane,
Dancing on Her Grave (Berkley Books, April 2015), Missing & Presumed Dead (Llewellyn Publications, August 2014), Invisible Killer (Titletown Publishing, January 2012) I Would Find a Girl Walking: Letters from a Serial Killer (Berkley Books, March 2011):
"I am thrilled that I came across Linda Langtonís agency for our true-crime books about  serial killers. Linda was efficient, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and persistent, and was able to secure contracts for us with the best publishers, in our opinion, of true-crime books, in particular Berkley/Penguin. Linda develops strong relationships with both clients and editors alike, and is a true pleasure to work with... She is absolutely fabulous!"

Amir Ahmad Nasr
, author of My Isl@m: How Fundamentalism Stole My Mind- And Doubt Freed My Soul (St. Martin's Press, June 2013)
"Huge thanks to my wonderful agent Linda Langton for taking me as her client, and securing my publishing deal with St. Martin's, which is exactly what i wished for and had in my top choices."

Robert Emmet Hernan,
This Borrowed Earth (Palgrave McMillan February 2010):
"My thanks to Linda Langton, my agent, for her enthusiasm and effort to place the book in difficult times."

Kathleen Barreca, The Throwaway Nun 
"Linda is A-list when considering an agent. She took my book, The Throwaway Nun and helped me get it adapted into the screenplay, Habit of the Order. I feel truly blessed to have her in my corner, and I have no hesitation in recommending her if you are a writer in need of help."

Lisa Bonnice and Stacey M. Kannanen,
Fear of Our Father (Berkley Books, June 2013)
"When we were first thinking of hiring Linda Langton, we didn't know what to look for in a good agent. We  were newbies at this particular aspect of professional writing, so we looked at the testimonials on her website and saw that she had numerous very happy clients. We thought, "Okay, we'll give Linda a try and see what happens." Well, here it is just a few months later and we are about to sign a contract with Berkley Books. Plus, Linda is now shopping the movie rights for us. We, too, are very happy clients and definetly recommend her services!"

Ian Greenleigh
, Social Media Side Door (McGraw Hill, November 2013):
"I was thrilled with the quick response Linda was able to get from top-tier publishers, and by the fact that she was able to generate enough interest to trigger an auction among them within a week of sending out my book. Her guidance during the negotiation phase was similarly valuable, as is the support she's lending me now, as I complete my manuscript and move on to the marketing phase of my book release."

Gayle Pruitt, author of The Dog-Gone Good Cookbook: for Humans and their Canine Kids (St. Martin's Press, February 2013), Dog-Gone Good Cuisine (St. Martins Press, January 2014):
"Iím a newby author and did not have a clue as to how to get my
Dog-Gone Good Cookbook published.  Linda Langton was my savior.  She believed in the project from the beginning and helped me through every step of my proposal. Within one week of Linda sending out my proposal she had two very nice offers from well respected large publishing companies. Thank you Linda you are a blessing."

Dr. Alexander Bingham, Kicking the Habit
"Linda has been extremely effective in finding an editor to help bring my proposal and chapters up to publishable standard and is tireless in working hard to find a publisher for my book."

Dave Dumanis, author of
Nine Lives
"Linda and her staff have been extremely supportive, shepherding my unusual book through multiple rounds of edits with patience and care. In taking me on as a client, Linda has shown iconoclastic, damn-the-torpedoes vision--vision that is clearly paying off as she continues to succeed in the marketplace."

Dr. Lawrence Kaplan, Purge of the 30th Division (US Naval Institute, November 2014), Homer Lea (The University Press of Kentucky October 2010) and The Artillery Service in the War of the Rebellion, 1861-65 (Westholme Publishing March 2011) :

"Langtons International Agency has provided me excellent support. Ms. Langton possesses an extrodinary set of skills, knowledge and insights to successfully navigate the publishing world. Perhaps more importantly, she is down to earth and shares a genuine desire with her clients to advance their interests. I have a great deal of faith and confidence in Langtons International Agnecy and strongly recommend it to other writers."

Chris DiGuiseppe and Mike Force,
The Light Bringer (HCI June 2010):
"We owe a special debt of gratitude to our mentor and  literary agent and friend, Linda Langton, who truly brought our writing to a new level and instilled confidence to continue onward. "

John Gerassi,
Talking with Sartre (US/UK: Yale University Press November 2009)/(France: Grasset/Spain and Mexico: Editorial Sexto Piso August 2010):
"It was my literary agent, Linda Langton of Langtons International Agency, who really made the book possible, by spending hours pushing and encouraging me when the task seemed too formidable, holding my hand when I was depressed and constantly reminding me that I was privy to the mind of one of the greatest thinkers of the twentieth century and not to waste it."

Stanley Renshon,
The Obama Presidency and the Politics of Change Routledge Publishing (Spring 2011):
"Every author should be so fortunate as to have an agent with the energy, enthusiasm, and intelligence that Linda Langton brings to bear for her authors."

Fran Reisner,
The Dogs of Central Park (Universe/Rizzoli Publishing May 2011):
"Thank you Linda for your tireless efforts in finding a great publisher for my book,
The Dogs of Central Park. In what is undoubtedly a difficult environment this task could not have been easy.  Your dedication to my project, and your support throughout, is greatly appreciated."

Mike Hill, author of
Cannibal Capitalism (John Wiley and Sons November 2011):
"Finding an agent is hard enough, but finding one that "gets it" is nearly a miracle.  Linda gets it.  She is the eager advocate that a writer needs.  When I wasn't able to make it to the big BookExpo in New York, it was as if I were there anyway because of her tenacious representation.  From the beginning of our relationship, I could see that it would be a good one."

Martyn Ellington, author of
Flight 993,
By the time I had sent my manuscript to Linda I was becoming used to not receiving a reply from agents. But Linda took the time to reply and whilst she didnít immediately take the manuscript on she did encourage me to go and work on it some more, which I did. Edited and re-written I went back to Linda a year later and this time she was happy to accept it and take me on as a client. Without Lindaís initial constructive reply I may well have been still sending the original manuscript out today. As Iím based in the UK it was important to me to get a U.S agent and to use an American editor as the U.S is my target audience. I strongly recommend Linda to anyone, and especially to those like me that want to make the leap from being self-published to being a represented published author."

John Coventry,
I Was, I Am, I Will Be (Ben Bella Books, E-book December 2010 and  Hardcover March 2012). The Treason of Islam (December 2011):
"I would like to thank my tenacious, hardworking and enthusiastic literary agent, Linda Langton, who refused to take "no" for an answer in these difficult times of publishing and was the one who made this book a reality. You are a great agent, a great person to work with and a great friend."

Ron Brown,
Courageous Life (Dreamtime Publishing October 2008):
"When I was searching for an agent to represent my book, Linda quickly embraced the vision of this project and worked tirelessly in her representation of my work - finding a publisher in a matter of weeks. I am very grateful for her counsel, help, and tenacious work on my behalf. Linda did an excellent job and I highly recommend her to any author."

Jim Dale,
Summer Jobs:
"You are doing a great job with this, being very pro-active, and really being my advocate. I wanted you to know I see it, and I truly appreciate it. In other words, you are a very good."

Leland Bobbe, Half-Drag:
"I signed a contract with Linda Langton a few months ago to find a publisher for my photography project titled Half-Drag. She provided me with a very helpful book proposal guidelines document to help me through the process. In addition, as this was my first book proposal, Linda was kind enough to help me through each section including book format, content of the book, exactly what should be included and where and how to present this in a way that would entice the publishing companies and make them want to read the whole thing. I found her knowledge of the publishing industry and help to be invaluable during this process."

Adam Slutsky, author of
Don't Marry A Stripper:
"While there are many reputable literary agents out there, Linda Langton is among the finest in the game. Her zeal, attention to detail and overall professionalism made Langtons International Agency my far-and-away first choice to represent my manuscript and, hopefully, my future projects. Naturally, I was delighted when my query resulted in an expedient-and positive-response. Never have I felt more comfortable putting my career in someone else's hands. So if you're looking for a literary agent with excellent publishing relationships, a proven track record and a genuine respect for authors and the craft of writing, you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone better!"

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