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: Charlotte Kandel was born in England and educated in England and France, before moving to New York to work publicity on Broadway. This was followed by seven years at the prestigious Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis running their publicity department and then fifteen years as Vice President of Worldwide Publicity for Warner Bros. Pictures in Los Angeles. After this most successful and prestigious career in publicity, Charlotte is now fulfilling her dream of becoming a children's book writer.
The Scarlet Stockings, for young adult readers was published by Dutton in January 2008 and has already received 5-star acclaim on Now available as an e-book.  The Summer Girl, a young adult story of love and suspense about a young public relations intern in Hollywood is available as an Apple and Google App. Her book, Enchanted Riddle, has been sold to Strident Publishing UK to be published in July 2012.

Secret Missions of the Tome Travelers is a series of middle grade books. For more than 2000 years, the Tome Travelers have protected the destinies of history's major players and has insured that history unfolds as was intended. This series will entrance its readers. Authors Victoria and Amanda Jancek have lived and worked in the arenas of politics, news, and international public relations on both sides of the Atlantic.

SYNTHIA ANDREWS: Synthia is a licensed Naturopathic Physician and energy intuitive. She is the published authorand co-author of six-nonfiction books on spirituality, consciousness and the paranormal. She currently resides on a small farm in rural Connecticut with her husband and two horses. Synthia's book,
Dreaming Blue, is a middle grade novel based on a young girl who moves to rural Michigan. The book follows Corey's friendship with Blue, a broken down, dirty grey, defeated horse. Corey discovers many of the town's mysteries, and she and Blue work together to heal old wounds and prove to themselves, and the world, that they are indeed "more than just their circumstances." 

Guardians of the Underworld is an action adventure story for young adults set against the back drop of the Cold War. Ancient mythology, historical intrigue and supernatural mystery, The Gaurdians of the Underworld weaves together old action, suprising plot twist, and complex and engaging charcters. in a story of courage, friendship and sacrafice. Karl Hanover is a successful playwright including, an evening of short plays at the Edinburgh Festival

The Last Dragon Feather is a charming commercial middle grade story. In school, Noah Leno, a young talented artist, hair streaked blue, crazy about Picasso, is Mr Self-Assured. At home, he is a latchkey kid and embraces a special friendship with his neighbor, a middle-aged Chinese lady, from whom he learns exotic dragon fables and the meaning of life. A marvelously heartfelt story encompassing the important issues of absentee parents, gender, diversity, art, and death. Noel and Phyllis Fiarotta are well seasoned authors, with books published by Workman, Sterling, Black Dog Leventhal, Disney Hyperion and Bantam Books. They have been featured in several magazines and their images appeared in many promotions, including Sesame Street.

The Misadventures of Salem Jack & Finnigan Reeves by William Harmening, is the first in a series of books that chronicles the adventures of two boys in the pioneer village of New Salem, Illinois, during the time of young Abe Lincoln’s residency there. The books are works of historical fiction allowing the young reader to learn of the history of New Salem Village and its most famous resident by experiencing them through the hilarious exploits of Salem Jack and Finnigan Reeves. William Harmening is a professor of Psychology at Benedictine University in Springfield, IL. He is a successful writer, “The Criminal Triad: Psychosocial Development of the Criminal Personality Types” (Charles C. Thomas, 2009), is widely used in universities both in the U.S. and internationally. In the spring of 2011 he will lecture on the subject of criminal behavior.

The Mannerly Cats Ann Scott-Holt is a middle grade book, the first in a series of charming adventure stories of two Persian cats, Orlando Furioso and LouLou dela Falu who belong to an English Lord and Lady. This first story starts in England with an adventure through the English countryside describing the countryside and ends in France where the descriptions continue on the topography, food and language. Ann Scott- Holt is English and currently lives in Carmel, California. She a has worked for many years in the New York film industry for United Artists.

BARRY GLASSER: Barry is currently developing several additional projects as a writer and producer with China, including The Bell of Shangri-La, a love story set at the end of World War Two, to be filmed on location in the Himalayas. Barry began his career as a Hollywood marketing executive, serving as publicity director for Twentieth Century Fox, vice president of publicity for Walt Disney Pictures, and senior vice president of marketing for MGM. He is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the Writers Guild and the Dramatists Guild.

ELIZABETH JAFFE: Elizabeth Jaffe has been in the children's book publishing business for the past 12 years. Currently national senior development editor, developing 45 titles a year, for Triumph Learning, Inc. Elizabeth has written a charming children's book called Widdle Waddle. This is her fifth children's book.

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