Why You Should Publish Your Book With an Independent Publisher

You have written your book.  A professional editor edited your book. Your writers groups, friends and family read it and love it. You are now ready to work with a commercial or independent publisher.

Now what?  You would like it to be commercially published and so you have sent it out to literary agents which takes time.  Once you have an agent it needs a marketing paper before they can send it out to the commercial publishers. It can take more than 6 months to find a publisher in spite of a lot of hard work on behalf of the agent, and you would like to see it published and in the market by now.

Next Steps

What is the next step? We advice that you reach out to the independent or hybrid publishers who will work with you quickly and professionally and get your book published as a trade paper back or hard back book on Amazon.com,  and offered to the bookstores and online book platforms as an eBooks,  all within 6-8 weeks. 

Contact Us

Central Park South Publishing is one of these hybrid publishers who would love to  help you.

Well done for completing your book. Now is the time to get it published.

We would love to see you book so please reach out to us on Central Park South Publishing (https://langtonsinternational.com/central-park-publishing/) and see how we can help you independently publish your book. Our email is centralparksouthpublishing@gmail.com.