“Linda Langton is an extraordinary literary agent with a keen eye for what does and doesn’t work in publishing today. She leapt at my book. And the speed and competence with which she found a publisher for it was astonishing. Not every agent is the right fit but with Linda I immediately felt a professional symbiosis. Langtons International has a global perspective which is essential for my work. And they are hands on. Staff go out of their way to answer my queries and help. Despite my nomadic lifestyle, I feel at home with Langtons International.” –Greg Cummings, Gorilla Tactics (Chicago Review Press, 2024)

“Linda Langton is a force in the publishing world and knows how to win book deals. She’s experienced and well-versed in bringing writing projects to life. Linda gets straight to the point and inspires confidence (I love her British accent and dry wit!) Working with a literary agent of her depth is a privilege.” —Doug Kari, The Berman Murders (Rowman & Littlefield, 2024)

“As a first-time writer, I was told that once a book was sold to a publisher (Linda sold mine in record time) I’d never hear from my agent again. Not true with Linda Langton! I am beyond grateful for the encouragement, diligence, and assistance I have and continue to receive from Linda Langton and her staff at Langtons International Agency. She is a master at her craft, a fabulous communicator, and a wonderful advocate for her authors. Linda is a true professional and I would recommend her and her agency without any reservation.” —Fayne Frey, The Skincare Hoax: How You’re Being Tricked into Buying Lotions, Potions, and Wrinkle Creams (Skyhorse Publishing, 2022)

“Linda Langton and the team at Langton’s International Agency are exceptional. Seeing the novel inside my story, they offered powerful critiques of early drafts of my novel, with direct and meaningful feedback, but also continued encouragement to keep working, all long before I was a client. I was delighted to be taken on for representation and thrilled at how quickly they found a publisher for the novel. I could not have asked for more.” —Jefferson Blackburn Smith, Love: A Novel of Grief and Desire (Black Rose Writing, 2022)

“I have been delighted by and gratified for the hard and diligent work that Linda Langton and Langtons International have done on my behalf, in finding the right publishers for my two forthcoming books, negotiating contracts and fielding queries from streaming services.” —Mark Pinsky, Drifting Into Darkness (NewSouth Books, 2021), Met Her On the Mountain (University Press of Kentucky, 2021)

“When Linda Langton takes on your book, you have an agent with superpowers on your side. She is indomitable, indefatigable, and simply incredible in her dedication to getting you published.” —Glenn Kaplan, Angel of Ambition (Woodhall Press, 2022)

“Linda Langton did a marvelous job as my literary agent in selling my book series Art in the Blood: A Sherlock Holmes Adventure to HarperCollins. As a first time novelist, I needed guidance on the submission and negotiation process and her experience, kindness and communication talent made all of this understandable and smooth. She was creative in her approach, wise in her selection, and has managed to place this book in excellent hands. What a pleasure it has been to be in such expert hands. Any author would be lucky to work with her. Thank you, Linda!” —Bonnie MacBird, Art in the Blood (HarperCollins UK, 2015), Unquiet Spirits (HarperCollins UK, 2017), The Devil’s Due (HarperCollins UK, 2019), The Three Locks (HarperCollins UK, 2021)

“Linda Langton and her team worked diligently to enable me to finally have a polished manuscript ready for submission to publishers. The ongoing encouragement and support of my writing was what kept me going during the many revisions it took to reach that sometimes seemingly unreachable goal. Without that support and encouragement, I could have given up many times over. I am grateful to the universe that brought us together.” —Pamela Mones, A Deadly Mermaid Fetish (Woodhall Press, 2022)

“Linda Langston is the consummate literary agent. She cares about the written word and genuinely respects writers. Her mission is to help them on their journey. She’s present, persistent, and she delivers! I am most fortunate to have her representing me!”–Phyllis Melhado, The Spa at Lavender Lane (Black Rose Writing, 2020)

“Smart, honest, perceptive and persistent, Linda Langton herself is keenly aware of her obligation to her clients, and Langtons International Agency is a rare find for any author. Why? Because the combination of marketing and sales is the key to understanding an author’s needs in the publishing world of today. And Langtons International Agency has it all right on the money, marketing experience and the instinct in knowing where a book belongs.” —Judith Aller, Trumbo (Grand Central Publishing, November 2015)

“As a new author of true crime, I found it difficult navigating through the book proposal process . I quickly received two offers of representation, and I chose Langtons International because of Linda’s very timely and professional response to my query. Her record in the publishing world speaks for itself. Well positioned within the industry, she is considered a “super agent”, and I’m excited to be a part of her team.”–Rodney Sadler, Killing Women (WildBlue Press, 2020)

“I am happy to add my cheers to the many accolades Linda Langton receives from the writers she represents. Having worked with her now spanning 15 years, I can attest that Linda is sharp as a whip; she knows her stuff; and she is a go-getter. I can’t imagine three qualities more prized by any author seeking an agent.” —Dana Huntley, America’s Forgotten Colonial History (Lyons Press, 2019)

“Linda is an agent who not only establishes a personal connection with each of her authors, but explores every avenue for getting their books both published and read. She is willing to try new things in new ways, because the publishing world is changing and she isn’t afraid to change with it. Most important, she is honest and accountable and her word is her bond.”–Ethlie Ann Vare, Love Addict: Sex, Romance, and Other Drugs (Health Communications Inc, 2011)

“Thank you Linda first of all for taking me on as your client and then for the resources that you provided in creating a proposal that sold the book in our first round. You exemplified the tenants of my book, finding a balance of Power (competency), Heart (passion) and Mindfulness (strategy) in your role as my agent. Thank you, Linda!” – Sam Alibrando, Ph.D., author of The Three Dimensions of Emotion: Finding the Balance of Power, Heart and Mindfulness in All Your Relationships, (Career Press, 2016)

“When we were first thinking of hiring Linda Langton, we didn’t know what to look for in a good agent. We were newbies at this particular aspect of professional writing, so we looked at the testimonials on her website and saw that she had numerous very happy clients. We thought, “Okay, we’ll give Linda a try and see what happens.” Well, here it is just a few months later and we are about to sign a contract with Berkley Books. Plus, Linda is now shopping the movie rights for us. We, too, are very happy clients and definetly recommend her services!” – Lisa Bonnice and Stacey M. Kannanen, Fear of Our Father (Berkley Books, June 2013)

“Please send my appreciation to your editor for her excellent suggestions. I found her comments to be insightful, well explained and quite encouraging. I was enthused and confident about my novel before, but thanks to your editor’s insights, I feel it is even better.” – Marc McGuire, “Missions” (Black Rose Writing, 2020)

“Linda Langton combines honest appraisal with a craftsman’s touch… Both you and your project will be delighted with the result.” – Professor Stanley Renshon, “The Obama Presidency of Change” (Routledge Publishing, Spring 2011)

“I can highly recommend Linda Langton and her company as a valuable source for all writers, whether experienced or first time, writers of fiction or nonfiction. Prior to publication I worked extensively with Linda on my book, “The Enchanted Riddle,” book one of a magical realism trilogy. Her energy, enthusiasm, and insights were of inordinate value to me and I cannot recommend her highly enough.” – Charlotte Kandel, “The Enchanted Riddle” (Strident Publishing UK, July 2012)

“Huge thanks to my wonderful agent Linda Langton for taking me as her client, and securing my publishing deal with St. Martin’s Press, which is exactly what I wished for and had in my top choices.” – Amir Ahmad Nasr, “My Isl@m: How Fundamentalism Stole My Mind- And Doubt Freed My Soul” (St. Martin’s Press, June 2013)

“I am thrilled that I came across Linda Langton’s agency for our true-crime book about a serial killer, “I Would Find a Girl Walking.” Linda was efficient, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and persistent, and was able to secure a contract for us with the best publisher, in our opinion, of true-crime books, Berkley/Penguin Books. Linda develops strong relationships with both clients and editors alike, and is a true pleasure to work with.” – Diana Montane, “I Would Find a Girl Walking: Letters from a Serial Killer” (Berkley Publishing, March 2011)

“I’m a newby author and did not have a clue as to how to get my Dog-Gone Good Cookbook published. Linda Langton was my savior. She believed in the project from the beginning and helped me through every step of my proposal. Within one week of Linda sending out my proposal she had two very nice offers from well respected large publishing companies. Thank you Linda you are a blessing.” – Gayle Pruitt, “The Dog-Gone Good Cookbook: for Humans and their Canine Kids” (St. Martin’s Press, 2012)

“I was thrilled with the quick response Linda was able to get from top-tier publishers, and by the fact that she was able to generate enough interest to trigger an auction among them within a week of sending out my book. Her guidance during the negotiation phase was similarly valuable, as is the support she’s lending me now, as I complete my manuscript and move on to the marketing phase of my book release.” – Ian Greenleigh, “The Social Side Door: How Social Media Has Rewritten the Rules of Access and Influence” (McGraw Hill, November 2013)

“It was my literary agent, Linda Langton of Langtons International Agency, who really made the book possible, by spending hours pushing and encouraging me when the task seemed too formidable, holding my hand when I was depressed and constantly reminding me that I was privy to the mind of one of the greatest thinkers of the twentieth century and not to waste it.” – John Gerassi, “Talking with Sartre” (US/UK Yale University Press, Nov. 2009)

“Finding an agent is hard enough, but finding one that “gets it” is nearly a miracle. Linda gets it. She is the eager advocate that a writer needs. When I wasn’t able to make it to the big BookExpo in New York, it was as if I were there anyway because of her tenacious representation. From the beginning of our relationship, I could see that it would be a good one.” – Mike Hill, “Cannibal Capitalism” (John Wiley and Sons, Nov. 2011)

“When we were first thinking of hiring Linda Langton, we didn’t know what to look for in a good agent. We were newbies at this particular aspect of professional writing, so we looked at the testimonials on her website and saw that she had numerous very happy clients. We thought, “Okay, we’ll give Linda a try and see what happens.” Well, here it is just a few months later and we are about to sign a contract with Berkley Books. Plus, Linda is now shopping the movie rights for us. We, too, are very happy clients and definitely recommend her services!” – Lisa Bonnice and Stacey M. Kannanen, “Fear of Our Father” (Berkley Books, June 2013)

“Every author should be so fortunate as to have an agent with the energy, enthusiasm, and intelligence that Linda Langton brings to bear for her authors.” – Stanley Renshon, “The Obama Presidency and the Politics of Change” (Routledge Publishing, Spring 2011)

“Thank you Linda for your tireless efforts in finding a great publisher for my book, The Dogs of Central Park. In what is undoubtedly a difficult environment this task could not have been easy. Your dedication to my project, and your support throughout, is greatly appreciated.” – Fran Reisner,”The Dogs of Central Park” (Universe/Rizzoli Publishing, May 2011)

“My thanks to Linda Langton, my agent, for her enthusiasm and effort to place the book in difficult times.” – Robert Emmet Hernan, “This Borrowed Earth” (Palgrave McMillan, Feb. 2010)

“Langtons International Agency has provided me excellent support. Ms. Langton possesses an extraordinary set of skills, knowledge and insights to successfully navigate the publishing world. Perhaps more importantly, she is down to earth and shares a genuine desire with her clients to advance their interests. I have a great deal of faith and confidence in Langtons International Agency and strongly recommend it to other writers.” – Dr. Lawrence Kaplan, “Homer Lea” (Westholme Publishing, March 2011)

“I would like to thank my tenacious, hardworking and enthusiastic literary agent, Linda Langton, who refused to take “no” for an answer in these difficult times of publishing and was the one who made this book a reality. You are a great agent, a great person to work with and a great friend.” – John Coventry, “I Was, I Am, I Will Be” (Ben Bella Books, Dec. 2010)

“Linda, I want to thank you and your editors for helping prepare my manuscripts for submission to the commercial publishers. Times have changed. Whereas writing greats like Thomas Wolfe , John Steinbeck and company could depend on their publishers to totally prepare their work for final publication, nowadays this has changed and professional editors have to do all the work. Only finished product is ever considered by the leading publishing houses. And that is where Linda and her editors are to be praised. Their professionalism is what keeps us, the struggling authors, alive. Again, thank you.” – Ken McAdams, “Bon Courage” (Beaufort Books, 2011)

When first I wrote to Linda Langton, I had completed my novel, Melissa and Kasho, but roughly in the last week had deepened it by giving my characters further motives for their behavior. So my finished novel had once again become a work-in-progress, and I was honest about this, exposing the new, raw passages to Linda’s eyes. Linda was deeply merciful, offering immediately to put me in touch with an editor she was sure would suit me. I accepted. This warm, inspiring editor made suggestions that, far from squashing my work, stimulated me to go even further in the direction I had planned. My gratitude is beyond words, and I would recommend Linda Langton and the Book Marketing International editors to anyone. – Camilla Chance, Melissa and Kasho (Austin McCauley, 2018)

“Professional, dedicated, and committed to excellence, Linda should be considered a first choice for anyone wishing only the best in writing and publication assistance. As a first-time author, through her knowledge, creativity, and dedication, I have learned a lot from Linda.” – Michael T. Force, “The Light Bringer” (HCI Books, Sept. 2011)

“I’ve been working with Linda on an edit of a new manuscript and wanted to take this opportunity to comment on her professional honest advice and direction. Since we began, she has proven to be an outstanding resource of knowledge, creative thought, and constructive criticism that has not only enhanced my work but also elevated my writing skills. I would recommend Linda and her company to any author who aspires to bring their work to a higher level.” – Christopher A. DiGiuseppi, “The Light Bringer” (HCI Books, Sept. 2011)

“Working with Linda and Langtons International has been a great experience. She’s always been very responsive, and she goes all out to make a deal, faithfully contacting just about everyone in the publishing business and beyond. I’m grateful for her advice and help. In the words of a Cole Porter tune, she’s ‘the top!’”Rene ‘Butch’ MeilyFrom Manila to WallStreet and Back

“Linda Langton has been exactly what I hoped an agent would be. I had hoped to find someone who would be responsive and supportive; someone who would give direct, honest criticism without trying to reshape my perspective or stifle my voice. And most importantly, I wanted an agent who I could rely on to be on my side, on my team. Linda has been that, and more. Not only am I looking forward to many books and many years of working together with the entire team at Langtons International Agency, anyone considering teaming with Langtons should stop considering and just do it!” —Laura Vinogradov, Picking Your Puppy

“Working with Langton’s International Agency has been a pleasant experience. Far too often, authors are ignored by editors and literary agents, but they always respond to questions within 48 hours. They communicate well and provide timely updates about submissions. They are strong advocates for authors.” —Jeffrey James HigginsBlood and Powder and Shaking

“Linda is a smart, dedicated agent who has always gone the extra mile for me as a client. She has never hesitated to confer with me, give advice, or offer encouragement.” —Nicholas Amendolare, Teaching Climate Change in the Deep South

“I am a new writer and Langtons International represents my first book, We’re Overdosed. I did not know what to expect and I was pleased with their representation. My emails are answered promptly, my book has been submitted to a host of publishers and I am made to feel like a writer. I wholly and fully recommend you query Langtons International Agency for your next writing project. You too, will be made to feel like a writer, whether your first experience, or your tenth.”Barry GoldWe’re Overdosed

“Linda Langton is an extreme professional. She has the experience and knows the industry inside out. I am truly better for knowing her and I see the hard work she puts into her commitment. There are great things to learn from her all the time. Linda Langton’s staff are hard working people and they work together perfectly.” – Isabel McManus, “The Richfields’”

“First let me say that the editor’s help with my book was immeasurable. I used several of his line revisions, but more importantly were his side notes that helped me develop my manuscript, especially the way to set up hooks into the chapters. The edit was definitely worth it.” –Dan Landon,  “From the Back of the House”

“First off I’d like to thank you for finding me this editor for my book. I want to say, she did a phenomenal job. Thank you so much for that recommendation!” China Meyers,Covid 19: Natural Strategies”

“The editor is truly amazing. I’m so grateful for all of his edits, questions, and suggestions. I’m going with just about everything he recommended.”–Ann Crawford, “Bazoomerangs”

“Please give my thanks again to the editor. I found his notes chastening, challenging, enlightening and realistic. It’s as if he’s handed me a set of golden keys…In the process of this reworking, both main characters have become stronger and their arcs better defined…Thanks once again for the editing road-map. I love this now. I’m hoping you will to.”  Robin Squire, “Jack-a-Dandy”

“I have now read the editor’s review and am so grateful for her encouraging words and validation. I am super inspired to get back to work on it and now have the faith I can get it where it needs to go which is Main Stream! As she said, “to plant seeds in the minds of the unawakened” has always been my true goal. She confirmed what I have always felt, that I was tasked with an important message to deliver and the angels wrote this through me. I am very grateful to have found this agency!” – Stephanie Burch, “Just Short of Heaven”

“Just a few words to tell that I am actively working on the book after the edit, which is very valuable! Please be so kind to already express my gratitude for his great and thorough work.” Eric Dubois, “Good Lucks”

I have known Linda, a colleague and friend for many years, and watched as she grew Langtons International into the international publishing giant that it has become today. She helps authors bring their books up to publishable standard and represents bestsellers worldwide. She helps writers get their books published, both commercially and self-published, and then markets them, and in noted cases has negotiated options for documentaries and big screen movies from some of her books. I learned this from first-hand experience when Linda and I worked on my book Keep Going No Matter What- The Reginald F. Lewis Legacy: 20 Years Later. She completely understood the concept of the book; made laser sharp editorial comments and understood the need for a great graphic design for the cover and interior. For my next book, I again turned to Linda.” – Ponchitta Pierce, “Keep Going No Matter What- The Reginald F. Lewis Legacy: 20 Years Later”

“I signed a contract with Linda Langton a few months ago to find a publisher for my photography project titled Half-Drag. She provided me with a very helpful book proposal guidelines document to help me through the process. In addition, as this was my first book proposal, Linda was kind enough to help me through each section including book format, content of the book, exactly what should be included and where and how to present this in a way that would entice the publishing companies and make then want to read the whole thing. I found her knowledge of the publishing industry and help to be invaluable during this process.” –Leland Bobbe, “Half-Drag.”

“At each step along the way, it has been enjoyable and rewarding to work with Linda and her staff in finding a publisher for my mainstream/literary novel, Boundaries. Linda is a knowledgeable and experienced agent who gives tremendous support and encouragement, and she is a lovely person with whom to work. I greatly appreciate her enthusiasm and ability to communicate and would wholeheartedly recommend Linda Langton to authors seeking a top-ranked, highly professional agent.” – Christina Zilius Mason, “Boundaries”

“Linda and her staff have been polite and patient with me as her talented, perceptive editor provided invaluable feedback to prepare my book for publication. I’m more than pleased to have signed with Linda, and look forward to working with her on the success of my new postmodern short story collection, Nine Lives.” – Dave Dumanis, “Nine Lives”

“By the time I had sent my manuscript to Linda I was becoming used to not receiving a reply from agents. But Linda took the time to reply and whilst she didn’t immediately take the manuscript on she did encourage me to go and work on it some more, which I did. Edited and re-written I went back to Linda a year later and this time she was happy to accept it and take me on as a client. Without Linda’s initial constructive reply I may well have been still sending the original manuscript out today, and still not getting anywhere with it and not knowing why. I strongly recommend Linda to anyone, and especially to those like me that want to make the leap from being self-published to being a represented published author.” – Martyn Ellington, “Flight 993″

“The editor did an excellent job reviewing my script and providing me with incredible notes which I found extremely useful. Thank you!” – John Phelan, “The Curse of Edgar Allan Poe”

“I am extremely grateful for (the editors) comments. They are beyond helpful, and I have no doubt that his suggestions are going to bring my screenplay to the next level. Thank you for allowing him to view my work.” – Trevor Spisto, “The Tiger and the Crane”

“Linda has been extremely effective in finding an editor to help bring my proposal and chapters up to publishable standard and is tireless in working hard to find a publisher for my book.” – Dr. Alexander Bingham, “Kicking the Habit”

“As a first time writer, the idea of opening my work up for constructive criticism was daunting to say the least. Through Linda and one of her editors, it made the process absolutely enjoyable. Not only is my book stronger as a result, but I am a better writer for having worked with them as well. Thank you Linda!” – Jason Huza, “Just Let’s Go”

“There are no words which describe the appreciation of your work and understanding why I have written the book — But they are in my mind for you and your wonderful staff. I was astounded at your editor’s ability and thrilled to have her help. Thank you.” – Anne Thurston, “A Late Date”

“I cannot thank you enough for suggesting that I have an editor of your choice look at my manuscript. The editor’s report left me in tears. I have received compliments on my writing before, but I have never had anyone with such an impressive literary background, use such effusive compliments to describe my work. I intend to take every suggestion offered to heart and rework the manuscript to bring it up to the next level. I was charmed by the editor’s suggestions.”- Marcy Bachmann, “One Life, Six Men”

“All I can say is brilliant work by the editor. The editor did a fantastic, thorough job on my book. I am so pleased. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”- Rene’ De La Varre, “The Mellow Geezers”

“I just received your editorial assessment of my book. I am amazed that it is “right on”, in that it captured how I recently felt about my book. Sometimes time, distance and another set of eyes help us see things clearly. For many months I have had the same issues with my book. To hear them described by someone else is very exciting. Your editor nailed it perfectly. He said what I felt, but I couldn’t express it, and my edit is coming along beautifully.”- Stephen Satterwhite, “True Stories from a Baby Boomer”

“Linda, please thank the editor for her comprehensive, clear and very to-the-point assessment. Not only did she name the problem areas which I could not quite pin down, she also offered very clear solutions to the flaws encountered. A lot of work needs to be done, but the editor made it seem feasible and worth doing.” – Sacha Wamsteker, “LA Diary”

“I received the overview/assessment you sent me recently for my book. I have already found it to be immensely helpful. Mainly, it’s helped me to realize how important it is for the characters and settings, even a novel of ideas, to be fully fleshed out so that the ideas come alive. So thank you so much, and be sure to thank the editor for me. I have begun reworking the book, and will send it back to you when I have finished. Thank you again.” – Lyn Lesch, “The Nihilists”

“I have now had time to process my editorial overview/assessment. Kindly convey to the editor my sincere appreciation for the valuable feedback. Thank you, Linda, for this wonderful service which reflects the high professional standard of your agency and your commitment to support first-time authors such as myself. Also, thank you for offering to re-read my reworked manuscript, in due course. This is a fantastic opportunity for me and I will work very hard so as not to disappoint you. Again, thank you for your support.” – Ora Murphy, “The Cat’s Ball”

“I was very pleased to receive the editor’s comprehensive editing report for my book. Please convey my thanks to the editor for a very thorough job, and for his ability to present constructive criticism clearly and kindly! I am actually looking forward to addressing the issues that he brought up. Thank you very much for linking me up with such an excellent resource. “- Maija Harrington, “Funny Tails: How Canine Comedy Helped Me Cope with Personal Tragedy

“I just received my editorial evaluation for my manuscript. I will heed the editor’s advice and thoroughly revamp my work. Thank you so much for your support, and for believing in me. I really admire the professionalism of your literary agency. I will work harder this second time around to give you a manuscript that you will be proud of .”- Frank N. Brathwaite, “Howard Hughes Iconoclast: The early years 1905-1950”

“Please give my regards and my thanks to the editor. He had a lot of great things to say about me, as well as some extremely valuable feedback. I couldn’t have asked for a better critical assessment.” – Sam Goodnight, “Attrition: the First Act of Penance”

“I have read the notes from the editor and I am so grateful for the feedback the editor has given me for this story. I did not know what got into me when I stumbled across your page and decided to drop you an email, but I think is one of the best decision that I made in my writing life. Thank you for giving me this chance, Linda, and please send my best regards to the editor and I would like to express my gratitude for the kind feedback and pointers. Rest assured, I will follow his guide in reworking my story. Once again, thank you Linda for this great opportunity and I hope I will not disappoint you when the time comes for you to re-read it.” – Regina Wangsa, “Il Patrimonio: La Spada”

“Thank you Linda for introducing me to such a wonderful editor. The report was perceptive, thoughtful and gave me a way for getting back into the book. I like the explicit quality of the criticism, the attention to detail and the questioning. The editor zeroed in on one of the aspects of the book that was already bothering me. This was particularly important because it allowed me to trust my own judgment when that judgment was at times at odds with itself.” – Sondra Shulman, “Kaleidoscope”

“I am thrilled and delighted with the editor’s suggestions, and can’t wait to plunge into the rewrite. With thanks and blessings.”- Lucia Read, “Anaya’s Dream”

“After submitting my manuscript to Book Marketing International and receiving the editorial analysis, I’m confident that this has proven to be the best investment I could have made toward the future success of my project. Your editor provided a critical overview and professional assessment of the concept followed by a detailed edit and analysis of the complete work. He left nothing to chance, evaluating every sentence, every paragraph and every chapter. He became personally involved in the novel and with the characters, and in the process I felt like he became my mentor and partner, making observations and suggestions that served to improve the script and tell the story. I sincerely appreciate your recommendation of this editor. He is a valuable asset to your agency and I have profound respect for his talent and his dedication to his craft.” – Jerry Bee, “Darius Provine and the Slingshot Saga”

” I was impressed with the helpful advice from Book Marketing International’s editor. I wish I had had this opportunity in the beginning! Please thank her for me. All of her advice, points and examples were extremely helpful. I would love to have her look at it again for the line-edit when I have finished the revision. ” – Michelle Oberg, “The Remnant”

“Please tell the editor that I am thrilled with her edits! They really made me see my book differently. Better. I so appreciate her comments and hard work. Thank you.” – Christine Magnus Moore, “Both Sides of the Bedside”

“Linda Langton and her team at Langtons International and Book Marketing International are truly exceptional: always exhibiting thoughtful patience, extensive knowledge, professionalism, and genuine concern for me and my project. When I received my comprehensive report from Linda’s editor, I was blown away. The editor really dove into my story to analyze the character and plot development, narrative voice, and backstory (among other things) to create a thorough analysis of my entire work that I am certain will push me and my book to the next level. Not only was the editing service affordable, but Linda and her team were professional throughout the entire process and completed the edits within the original quoted timeframe. I feel very privileged to have met Linda Langton and her team!” –Terry Benton, “Sunset in the Land that Never Sleeps”

“Thank you for recommending Robert as an editor for the first draft . His analysis and suggestions were fantastic. He indicated so clearly which areas to highlight and where to dramatize rather than tell. He really inspired me.”- Sondra Gorney, “Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?” (The Scarecrow Press, Inc.)

My recent inspiration to complete a rewrite of my book, When I Was A Child, is due to Linda Langton and her editor’s overview, which I found to be comprehensive, insightful, very positive and absolutely constructive. I am greatly impressed and encouraged by their professionalism and all aspects of my experience with Book Marketing International. I would not hesitate to recommend this team to any author — without reservations. – T. L. Needham, “When I Was A Child”

“What an excellent set of edits. As an editor myself, I am truly appreciative of the time this took, as well as the editor’s careful and thoughtful edits and comments. Please, thank her for me!” – Rachel S. Schneider, “Coming to My Senses”

“What a great honor to have Linda Langton as my book agent! Beyond her broad experiences in the book industry, her graciousness and kindness is absolutely astounding. In my books, Linda is the best of the best! I also want to thank her for introducing me to an extraordinary editor. She has done an amazing job!” –Konstantinos Koskoleto, “Miseries and Crimes During the Nazi Occupation: A Child Survivor Remembers”

“Linda Langton and her team at Book Marketing International have been enormously helpful to me as I progress through final edits in my current manuscript. Without Linda’s encouragement and direction, I wouldn’t be receiving the level of support that I need to fine-tune my writing. I expect that my novel will be polished and publishable as a result of our teamwork.” – Eileen Curran, “Finding Gracie”

“I am so excited and pleased with the editor’s assessment of my book. I’m already working with her suggestions; happy to have strong direction for my revision. Thank you for introducing her to my story.” –Karen Levy

“As an aspiring writer, Linda’s patience, encouragement and guidance has been invaluable. She felt the passion in my writing, and believed in my story, and me. We are in the final stages of getting my manuscript “publisher ready” and I am confident that with the editing expertise I received through Book Marketing International, we are on our way to a Best Seller! Linda, thank you!” – Cheryl Lyn

“Thank you so much for the editor’s remarks, please pass my thanks to the editor. Her comments are very helpful, and I appreciate the speed of her response as well as her equestrian expertise!” –Synthia Andrews, “Dreaming Blue”

“My editor has done an excellent job of commenting on the manuscript. I can see, based on what I have read, that he provided the critical assessment that I was looking for.” –Richard Voigt, “My Name on A Grain of Rice”

“Working in the world of theater for so many years taught me something about rejection! The continued rejection of my manuscript was more devastating than I imagined. Linda, however, saw something and encouraged editorial assistance. Editorial assistance has opened my eyes and helped me believe that publication is within my grasp. For the first time, I can see and feel significant growth in technique and a belief that this nurturing process will culminate in publication. I am confident this next revision will finally produce my first published novel.” – Rod Harter, “Devil’s Gut”

“Linda is truly gifted as an editor. She is both nurturing and thought provoking to writers. She offers a unique blend of insights and considerations that never compromise the writer’s own vision. We trust her judgement completely.” – Victoria Jancek, “The Tome Travelers”

“As a relatively new writer, who is just getting up the courage to put my work into the world for critique, Linda Langton has made that process much less intimidating. She is open and available to discuss editorial feedback and how my writing is progressing. Her supportive encouragement is incredibly comforting, especially after a tough day of editing. Overall,Linda’s warmth and collaborative nature help make the iterative editing process of getting a book ready for publication, almost fun.” – Natalya Swann, “Circle of Fire”

“Linda Langton has provided me with a wonderful editing service and some great ideas for improving my book. I look forward to continuing to work with her in the future.” – Alan Shelton

“Linda, thank you and your staff so much for the help you have afforded me in developing my manuscript. I have been impressed not only with your professionalism, but with your warmth and personal attention. I was equally as impressed with the sensitivity of your editing. As a Christian writer, I was concerned that the spirituality of my writings would not be addressed in your overview. I was delighted to find that you had spent as much effort reflecting on my message as you had my storyline, style, and writing abilities. I would be thrilled to recommend you and your company for anyone’s editing needs.” – Crandall May

“Thank you so much for putting me in contant with your editor. She is a Godsend. I know her comments will make my book so much better and help me as an author, too.” – Cory Lancaster “Love…Out of Order”

“Having written over 200 articles for the New York Times and Los Angeles Times – maximum length 3,000 words – I wanted to transform one article about the discovery of the most important known Jewish Holocaust rescuer into a 90,000 word book. Linda guided me each step of the way, marrying the feel of the rescuer’s story to the historical narrative, not just telling readers about the rescues, but showing how they took place in a taut ‘you are there’ style. Bravo!” – Joseph Hanania, “Goosestep”

“Your suggestions have been right on, Linda! I think it is a much better book now and as always, I stand prepared to continue incorporating your suggestions as you see fit. Thank you, you have been a wonderful help and inspiration.” – Bill Harmening, “The Misadventures of Salem Jack & Finnegan Reeves”

“I have just finished reading the overview sent in by your editor, which is excellent, there are a lot of very good points and nothing I could disagree with. I remember reading that William Faulkner said that ‘you have to let go of all your little darlings’ (well something like that), which is basically what editing is. Please tell her she is a very good editor and I would definitely like to work with her again.” – John French, “The First Daughter”

“Thank you so much for your help and suggesting Book Marketing International for the editing of my manuscript. The editor seemed to be reading my mind answering so many of my questions.” – Mary Diggs, The Spirit Keeper

“Dear Linda, I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful job you’ve done in preparing my book for publication. I’m thoroughly pleased with the care and dedication and creative thought that you and your staff have obviously applied to completing the task. If my comments seem gushing is because it reflects my honest feelings about what you have done especially since I barely knew you to begin with and surprise surprise you delivered far more than skeptical me might’ve expected. You are a blessing to anyone who is lucky enough to employ your services. Thank you once again.” –Allen Baron, “Blast of Silence” (Self-published by Book Marketing International, 2013)

“Book Marketing International handled my latest novel in the most timely and professional manner. The range of services the business provides, ranging from editing to proof reading to layout and book cover design are first-rate. Linda herself was engaged in every facet of the publishing process from the very beginning, and she brings to bear the full rage of her knowledge of the publishing world. One note that might be of interest to all authors and writers whoever and wherever you may be: Linda Langton promptly returns phone calls and answers E-mail messages.” – James Cusick, “Death of an Anchorman” (Self-published by Book Marketing International, 2013)

“While there are many reputable literary agents out there, Linda Langton is among the finest in the game. Her zeal, attention to detail and overall professionalism made Langtons International Agency my far-and-away first choice to represent my manuscript and, hopefully, my future projects. Naturally, I was delighted when my query resulted in an expedient-and positive-response. Never have I felt more comfortable putting my career in someone else’s hands. So if you’re looking for a literary agent with excellent publishing relationships, a proven track record and a genuine respect for authors and the craft of writing, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone better!” – Adam Slutsky, “Don’t Marry A Stripper.”

“You are doing a great job with this, being very pro-active, and really being my advocate. I wanted you to know I see it, and I truly appreciate it. In other words, you are a very good.” – Jim Dale, “Summer Jobs.”


Testimonial from Charlotte Kandel Author of The Enchanted Riddle

(Strident Publishing, July 2012)