Why You Should Edit Your Book

Editing is an essential part of the publishing process. Even best-selling authors go through multiple edits before their books are ready for sending out to the commercial publishers.

The publishing industry is becoming more and more competitive daily, and commercial publishers will only accept manuscripts that are 99% ready for the press. Even if you are thinking about publishing your book independently, or self publishing, you must have your book edited so that it will read professionally, so that your readers will take you and your book seriously.

Finding the Right Editor

You should find a professional editor to help you on this journey and make your book ready for an agent or for you to self or hybrid publish.

Some of these editors maybe award winning authors and others, independent editors who have worked for publishing houses, or have been editors for many years. It is really important that editor you choose matches your genre so that their comments fit your style of writing.

Editing Process

The editor should help bring your book to a more publishable standard through the various processes. One is a roadmap edit, where the editor goes into the body of the work. In the margin they will makes notes as to how you can work on your manuscript to make it more professional. A developmental edit is where they will help you whilst you are going through your road map edit and do hand holding while you rework your book. They might be a book doctor who works on your book and turns it into a publishable work.

Whichever type of edit you seek, the work that you do with your editor will help you bring your book up to a more publishable standard. This in turn will help you get an agent for the commercial publishers. It will help you be treated as a serious author if you are to independently publishing your book.

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