Langtons International is a publishing agency that works with writers to help them become published authors. Our publishing agency company has several branches to help writers with editing, representation, publishing, and beyond.

The first aspect of our publishing agency, Langtons International, is a literary agent. As a literary agent, we will read and review your book, and if it is ready we will represent your book to the commercial publishers. When working as a literary agent our publishing agency will curate a list of the right commercial publishers to whom to submit your book to, manage offers, and negotiate a great deal and contract on behalf of you, the author. It is important to research agencies and find an agent with a great reputation who specializes in your genre of book to help you become a published author. Some of our represented titles that became best-sellers include Art in the Blood by Bonnie Macbird, Trumbo by Bruce Cook, Miracle Ball Method by Elaine Petrone, and A Dark Night in Aurora by William Reid. Langtons International Agency is accepting new submissions now. Contact us here.

Another aspect of our publishing agency that helps writers become published authors is our editing services. Editing and revising is a process that all writers, even best-selling published authors, must go through and working with a professional editor is beneficial as it will provide a fresh perspective on the manuscript. At our publishing agency we work with several independent professional editors, who each specialize in different genre. Some of our editors are award winning authors, others may have worked at major publishing houses, others have been individual editors for many years. We take special care in choosing the right editor for the author to fit the genre of the book also will connect with the writing voice to help to bring the book up to the next level. If you are interested in working with a professional editor, please look at our website.

The final branch of our publishing agency is our independent publishing company Central Park South Publishing. There are several benefits to work with an independent publisher as opposed to a commercial publisher, the first of which is time. An independent publishing company will often take submissions directly from the author, so you do not have to go through the process of finding an agent before submitting to publishers. The independent publisher will work with the author quickly and professionally and get their book published as a trade paperback or hard back, and available online and in bookstores, all within 8 -10 weeks. Founded in January 2020 as part of our publishing agency, Central Park South Publishing has been having great success so far. Some of our published titles include Forget the Drama Avoid the Trauma by Robin DesCamp, Your Magnetic Energby Dan Hoeger, A Vanishing in Greenwich Village by Liz Amaral and A Suitable Necklace by Kim Akhtar. Soon to be released are A Moment in Time by Natalia Lazarus and America’s Environmental Crisis by Peter Wellenberger.

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