How to Write a Great Bio and Get an Agent

If you’re thinking about working with a literary agent, having a great author’s bio is key to guarantee you’ll be represented by one. An author’s bio, essentially, helps introduce you to the agent and convince them that the author’s work is worth representing. In addition, to write a great bio and get an agent will help build your credibility and sell more books.

So, if what we’ve said so far sparks interest in how to write a great bio and get an agent, we have some helpful tips to guide you.

Firstly, a word of caution. An essential piece of advice regarding how to write a great bio and get an agent is to keep it short and sweet. Think of the author’s bio as a brief introduction. Writing anything beyond a short paragraph will only lose the agent’s interest. So, keep it simple and catchy, sticking to only the essential information.

Next, we advise you to write in the third person to show professionalism, the standard for an author’s bio. Additionally, it’s best to write in a style that caters to your genre. Most often, author bios may differ depending on the author’s genre. For example, an author writing humorous books will employ a comical tone in their bio to reflect their work and skill. Meanwhile, an author writing business books will take on a more formal style.  Writing a great bio will help get you an agent.

Now, what should you include in your author’s bio to write a great bio and get an agent?

To begin with, if you have published books, you should include them in your bio. Mentioning that you have published books shows the agent that you have experience in the industry and raises your chances of being represented. 

In addition,  mention all credentials you have – especially if you are writing nonfiction, as it lends to your credibility. 

Moreover, if you know any well-known figures in the literary world, it’s wise to mention them in your bio. However, namedropping can be seen as distasteful if done excessively, so proceed with caution. Overall, harmless namedropping can help you write a great bio and get an agent.

You can also mention any passions or interests you have to let the agent know more about you. Of course, any personal information you choose to include should be relevant to your work. Most often, noting a small hobby or interest can help you stand out.

Lastly, at the end of your author’s bio, include a link to your author’s website or page to promote your brand. Including a website or page dedicated to your work as a writer shows the agent that you’re serious about branding and selling your work.

If you feel you’ve put the advice above to use, Langtons International Agency is always happy to read your author’s bio, synopsis of your book to consider to represent you and your work. As always, Langtons International Agency hopes the information we’ve shared with you has been helpful.