Books are often known as the best marketing tool for a business person’s brand, as it sets out exactly what a person’s philosophy is and tells the readers about the author. For successful business people, it is a great idea to write a business book in order to showcase what you know and allow others to follow the ideas you profited from. This is why you should write a business book and with the help of a literary agent, your great idea can be helpful to others.

There are a few different types of business books to choose from when deciding which type of  business book you should write. One of the most popular types of business books are how-to business books. These business books will teach business people and entrepreneurs how to build and grow their businesses by sharing helpful tips and guide them. Some authors of business how-to books are consultants and have a well-developed, step-by-step program that has helped their clients. These authors decided to put their program on paper to share with the world and publish their book. These business books are often highly structured, with specific steps, examples, and pictures or graphs to demonstrate their research.

Another type of business book which is popular is a professional business memoir with inspiration stories. While the author may not have a specific guide to instruct the readers, they share their own experiences and the story of their success will encourage other readers and explain how to run their businesses. mA memoir business book will take on more of a narrative form, as the author will share stories of their life and career. Some business memoirs sold by business literary agents will share a behind the scenes look into famous companies, while others focus more on the author’s personal journey and accomplishments.

 It is always a great idea for business people to gain credibly in their field, and writing a book about their lives and their success in business is one of the best ways to do it.

Langtons International Agency is a successful business literary agency that has sold many business books to the commercial publishers. Some of their best sellers include Power Your Profits by Susie Carder, which was sold in a six figure deal to Atria Books, Pivot, Disrupt, Transform by Marcia Daszko sold to Diversion Press, which has been highly reviewed by leading authors and CEO’s such as the President of Hyundai, and Love and Money by Ann-Margaret Carrozza sold to Skyhorse Publishing, a financial and legal expert on the television program, Dr. Phil.

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