Why Stories are Important During the COVID-19 Pandemic

All book lovers know the power of great storytelling and why stories are important during the pandemic. After all, human beings have participated in storytelling for centuries as it is a timeless and powerful tool for connection.

Today, it is clear why stories are important during the pandemic, as they are essential to our well being. Due to so much loss and confusion, many people may feel alone or without hope. Thankfully, we can connect more than ever and  find comfort during these uncertain times through storytelling.

First and foremost, stories are important during the pandemic because they serve as an emotional outlet for many. We’ve seen many people that have resorted to putting their experiences down on paper as a coping mechanism. During this time, the weight of suffering collectively is heavily felt. Writing stories of our experiences serves as a sort of release, healing us of many pent-up sorrows or pain. Storytelling’s ability to ease our hurt demonstrates why stories are important during the pandemic.

Moreover, a reason why stories are important during the pandemic is due to their ability to generate empathy and understanding. Readers take in another person’s individual experience through these stories, seeing how others have struggled and persevered through this difficult time.

And so, storytelling allows us a glimpse into other people’s lives and helps us make sense of what is going on. Most importantly, these stories allow us to relate to each other, as we may see reflections of our own experiences in others’ narratives. At a time when social distancing is the norm, stories can help to bring us closer more than ever. 

Also stories are important during the pandemic because they are a source of  escapism. For many, reading about the pandemic may not always be the best way to cope. Instead, you may long for an escape at times, to distance yourself from the current state of the world. And so, many people will find themselves seeking the comforts of a good story – particularly fiction and fantasy, losing oneself in the pages of a great fictional story which may prove to be a great comfort at this time.

Therefore, the reasons why stories are important during the pandemic are manifold. Overall, storytelling allows the collective mind to  heal, escape and most importantly, to remember. Telling stories of those we have lost during the pandemic ensures that they will be remembered. We connect and heal as one by sharing these stories, coping with our grief and the world’s dramatic change over the past years.

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