If you want to have your true crime book commercially published, it is important to find a true crime literary agent. Langtons International Agency specializes in true crime and has represented several authors that became best-sellers, two were made into movies.

True crime is a non-fiction category as the books are written about real crimes, murders, and other cases. The author will have done extensive research, or will have a personal connection to the case or the criminal involved. True crime books will look into the criminal or suspect, and the victim, to reveal their backgrounds. It will include facts, and will  also have a narrative arc detailing the crime.

There are a few things to consider when looking for a true crime literary agent. First, you should find an agent who specializes in true crime. They will have knowledge of the publishing world, and will have connections with the right editors and publishers for your true crime book. Secondly, does the true crime literary agent work with debut authors, or only those who have been published before? If you are a first time author, you may have to start marketing your book to present a strong background on all the online platforms,  to the literary agent before you actually approach an agent.

Here are some tips to present a strong submission to a true crime literary agent.

Some true crime literary agents prefer books that take on a narrative form, with a story arc. The author will re-enact the case for the reader, using real people and their quotes as characters and dialogue. Narrative true crime will often begin the story shortly before the crime occurs, setting the scene, providing background, and developing the character of the criminal.

Other true crime literary agents represent books that are more researched and academic based. Rather than using a narrative format, the author will collect case files, articles, and even interview the victims or the perpetrator themselves, if possible. The facts of the crimes are clearly presented, rather than slowly revealed. The author will have hopefully done enough investigative research to uncover new facts of the case, to make their book more interesting.

In all cases, true crime literary agents want a book that will tell the reader, not only look at how a crime was committed, but why. The author will study the criminal, their motives, and their personal history and background. This can lead to conclusions about mental health or criminal minds that has larger implications for society, and not just a connection to one case.

Langtons International Agency is a successful true crime literary agent that has sold a number of true crime books to commercial publishers. The best known would be A Dark Night in Aurora by William Reid (Skyhorse)  which has won a number of awards, Dancing on Her Grave by Carolina Sarassa and Diana Montane (Berkely Publishing) which has been made into the movie “The Death of A Showgirl” on Showtime Television, and I Would Find A Girl Walking by Kathy Kelly and Diana Montane (Berkely Publishing) which is made into a Lifetime Movie.

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