When looking to get a true crime book published, it is extremely helpful to work with a literary agent that has experience in true crime books. True crime literary agents have connections with commercial publishers that publish true crime books, and have experience in knowing how to get the true crime books published.


True crime books are non-fiction, which means the author will have done a lot of research while writing the book, or have a close connection to the case. True crime books are well researched  for both the perpetrator of the crime and the victim, discussing their backgrounds, the details of the case, and how it affected both criminal and victim.


Working with a true crime literary agent will increase the odds of the book being published. When looking for a true crime literary agent, there are a few things to consider. An author wants to find an agent that specializes in true crime, and his knowledge of the true crime publishing world. Connections with true crime editors and publishers are essential for any true crime literary agent, and agents that have published that genre before will have those connections. It is also important to do research on the type of authors the agent works with to make sure the author fits the profile. If a true crime literary agent only works with authors who’ve published before, a first-time author will need  to look for a different true crime literary agent elsewhere. Langtons Internaitonal Agency is a true crime literary agency and we do work with first time authors of true crime.


Once finding an experienced true crime literary agent that fits the author’s profile, the author needs to present a strong submission to the agent. The type of true crime book being submitted needs to be identified. True crime books can either be written as narrative, in which the author tells the story of the case, using real people and their quotes as characters and dialogue. These books begin the story by working on the setting and characters, then describing the crime, before ending in a resolution of where the characters end up.


True crime books can also be more academic based, filled with research and facts. The author will collect case files, articles, and any first hand research available about the case. Rather than being told in a dramatic fashion, the case is clearly revealed and examined from a factual statement, rather than a narrative one. It is possible that true crime literary agents specialize in one of these two types of true crime books, although some true crime literary agents will work with both types as do Langtons International Agency.


 When submitting to a true crime agent, these need to be taken into account if the book is to be well-written enough to publish. Working with a true crime literary agent can help perfect an author’s book and get it published with a commercial publisher that publishes true crime books.


Langtons International Agency is a successful true crime literary agent that has sold a number of true crime books to commercial publishers. Recently, Langtons International has published Killing Women: The True Story of Serial Killer Don Miller’s Reign of Terror by Rod Sadler (WildBlue Press) which is getting a lot of publicity. Langtons International Agency  have also found a commercial publisher for A Dark Night in Aurora by William Reid (Skyhorse) which has won a number of book awards, Dancing on Her Grave by Carolina Sarassa and Diana Montane (Berkely Publishing) which has been made into the movie “The Death of A Showgirl” on Showtime Television, and I Would Find A Girl Walking by Kathy Kelly and Diana Montane (Berkely Publishing) which is made into a Lifetime Movie.

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