How to Write Your Memoir

When you start thinking about writing your memoir consider how to share with your readers with the most interesting parts of your life in such a way that they won’t forget these highlights of your journey.

There are a number of ways to write your memoir – here are some of the more important ones:

Focus on One Theme in Your Life

Start with either one moment, or a series of moments which make up the theme. Write around the theme, show how you see and think about this idea, and share other experiences in your life.

This is your back story and is essential for the reader to understand who you are and how you got to this place in your life. Then when you describe your journey, the reader can understand your point of view.

Be Authentic

If you are writing your memoir you are putting your life’s journey out into the world. Tell the truth of what happened and how it happened.

Try and think how the readers will “see” the scenes you are describing. Use strong powerful language to draw the reader in and describe the difficulties you have had and how you overcame them making your story spiritual and inspiration.

Make Your Memoir Emotional and Spiritual

Do not simply recount the experiences in your life, but share your emotions and development, so that the reader experiences your feelings going through your journey. Give your memoir a clear narrative arc, a beginning, middle and end, coming full circle. Create  enough tension that the reader wants to turn each page to see how you grew through your life-changing experiences.

We all have challenges in our lives and it isn’t what happens to us that counts,  it is how we deal with them that matters,  and by opening up and showing both the difficulties and the way you overcome these, you  will make your book a page turner.