Langtons International Agency specializes in the thriller genre.  

Thrillers are cliff hangers and filled with action. A well written thriller is a page turner which keeps the reader suspended as to what will happen next.  

Thrillers include stories of heists, military,  terrorist attacks, and criminals on the run.

Langtons International Agency has sold a number of award winning thrillers to commercial publishers. The best known are Wayne Avrashow’s  Roll The Dice with many great reviews, and was hailed by Kirkus reviews as ‘politically savvy’ with ‘layers of complexity in characters and their motives.’ The Medina Device by T.J. Champitto, which won a 2020 Maxy Award for Best Thriller. K-Town Confidential by Brad Chisholm and Claire Kim, which is the winner of both the Pencraft and Maxy Awards.

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