As we all know all elements of a story are important to its success, but the writing style, storyline, and characterization, are the most important areas to make the reader want to keep reading and to make it a page-turner.

The concept of the storyline is most important. Is your book engaging: a page-turner?  High-concept stories and big ideas, both innovative and original, make for the best-seller list and are often turned into movies.

Characterization properly defined is essential. Each character separately defined by description and dialogue moves the story forward. Often the most memorable part of a story is its cast of unforgettable characters. Your characters must flow through your story developing as the storyline evolves through description and dialogue, and the way they interact with other characters through the plot.

The plot line from the first few pages is the key to a reader wanting to turn the pages,  The character introductions and development and storyline development, get the reader through to the last page of your book.  Your story has to have structure and great ideas that last throughout the book and stay consistent with the plot line and characters, to help make it a best seller.