The Challenges of Writing a Second Book

There’s an incredible amount of uncertainty and excitement that accompanies writing and releasing your first book. But the challenges of publishing a second book has its own set of unique struggles. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the challenges involved in writing a second book.


  1. You don’t want to disappoint your audience

An important aspect of going back to the drawing board after a successful release is the knowledge that you now have readers who are eagerly watching to see what you will do next. Whether you’re writing a sequel or tackling a new story, you don’t want to disappoint your readers who are excited to support you. Remember that the first person who will read your new book is you. If it’s not perfect, you’ll be able to edit it or even scrap it entirely! Listen to your instincts and use your creativity as you take feedback and explore new directions. This is the first challenge of writing your second book.


  1. You don’t want to repeat yourself

If your first idea was one you had been thinking about  for a long time, it can be very hard to change gears and think of something new. You may find yourself asking, “what if I’m only capable of writing one thing?” In this situation, it can be helpful to seek out inspiration through research. Have you always been fascinated by a certain city or a historical event? Have you always wanted to visit the mountains or to read philosophy? Pursuing exciting interests can lead you down new roads and spark original ideas and help with writing a second book.


  1. You’re pressured to “one up” yourself

Many artists constantly look for ways to do better than they ever have done before. This drive to succeed and to excel is admirable, but it can leave you feeling like you’re failing if you are not breaking records. If your goal is to make your second book longer, better, or more commercially successful than your first, you may be taking on too much pressure. Remember each book is its own accomplishment and has the potential to resonate with a different set of readers, appeal to specific audiences, and prompt unique emotional responses. When writing your second book don’t feel that is has to be “better” than your first to be meaningful and worth writing.


  1. You feel tired or burnt out

In some cases, it might make sense for you to maintain the momentum you built while writing your first book, and just push through as you start work on your second. However, if you find yourself having trouble getting started writing a second book, you may just need a break. Allowing yourself time to rest and focus on other, less taxing tasks can relax your mind and promote creativity. Going on a vacation or just spending time with your family and friends can provide much-needed joy and perspective. After a break, you will able to tackle writing a second book with renewed energy.