If you have written a self-help book you would like to sell to the commercial publishers, you will need to find a self-help literary agent. Langtons International Agency is a successful literary agency that specializes in self-help books.

Here are some tips to consider when finding and submitting to a self-help literary agent.

Self-help books are advice books that provide insight, tips, and guidance to changing one’s life. These are motivational books that help the reader in some aspect of life. A self-help literary agent may work with general self-help books, or may represent specific topics such as business self-help, romance advice, or parenting guidebooks.

A self-help book could include a step by step program for the reader to improve their lives. These books have a very structured format, as each chapter may describe a specific step in the program, with examples. While this book is based on information, facts, and advice, a self-help literary agent may want specific real-life examples to be included. This will show the success of the program. The author may have written their book to share a program that they have developed and presented in workshops, seminars, or used as a consultant. It is important to include this information in your submission to the self-help literary agent, to share your expertise and it is important to show the outreach of the author for future sales of their self help books.

Other self-help literary agents may represent more narrative self-help books. These can include inspirational memoirs, or narrative non-fiction about specific life events. These books may not be written by an expert or public speaker, but rather someone whose life and experiences can provide help to others. In this case, the author will share their story, and then provide words of advice and guidance based on their own experiences and goals. The reader will feel a connection with the author, and can improve their life by following the actions and philosophy of the author.

For either type of self-help book, it is important to build up an audience before submitting your proposal to a self-help literary agent. As self-help books share direct advice to the readers, it is important to show that people trust you and your advice, and would be interested in reading your book. Create an author website and social media pages, promote your work, and share some of your advice. A strong platform will show the self-help literary agent and publishers that there is a market for your book.

Langtons International Agency has successfully represented many self-help books as a self-help literary agent. Some examples of these include Spiraling Upward by Wendy Wallbridge (Routledge) which won two Nautilus awards,  Your Life Path by Dr. Linda Watts (Carrel Books), Think Like a Rock Star by Mack Collier (McGraw Hill), and The 3 Dimensions of Emotion by Dr. Sam Alibrando (Red Wheel Press).

If you have written an interesting self-help book that will help others and need a self-help literary agent, we would like to hear from you.

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