Self-help books are  an extremely popular genre, and if  an author  has written a self help book that you would like to be published it is usually sold to a commercial publisher, it is very important that you find a self-help literary agent that has experience in the self-help category of  books. Langtons International Agency is a successful self help literary agency that has experience with many genres, and specializes in  self-help books.

Self-help books are advice books that provide insight, tips, and guidance into changing a person’s life. The motivation that these books provide can be on any specific topic, such as mental health or weight loss, or on changing a person’s overall life. Good self-help literary agents have experience with specific topics and more general ones.

Many self-help books have a structured step-by-step program, with different chapters describing different steps in improvement. These books are often based on facts, and include a lot of information for the readers. It is important to use real-life examples to make the book relatable, rather than just a textbook. Self Help literary agents are experienced in helping the author on their books.  These self help books will also give examples  of people who have been changed from using the methods described in the book and which have worked for other people. If an author has modeled their program after previously developed in workshops or seminars, that is part of the information they should be disclosed to their self help literary agent, as it shares your expertise and experience in the field.

More personal self-help books can also be represented by self-help literary agents. If an author has gone through a meaningful journey and come out better on the other side, they may believe their story will help others. Their story reads like a memoir, but has more focus on the steps they took to get better, based on their own experiences and goals. A self help literary agent will help direct the writer to bring this out.  These self-help books are helpful both for the advice they give, and for the connection the reader forms with the author.

For any type of self-help book, the priority an author has is getting the book published and having an audience for it. Submitting to a self help literary agent has many advantages especially because of   their experience marketing self-help books. Self help literary agents can also connect authors with editors to make their book as good as it can be.

Langtons International Agency has successfully represented many self-help books as a self-help literary agent. Some examples of these include Spiraling Upward by Wendy Wallbridge (Routledge) which won two Nautilus awards,  Your Life Path by Dr. Linda Watts (Carrel Books), Think Like a Rock Star by Mack Collier (McGraw Hill), and The 3 Dimensions of Emotion by Dr. Sam Alibrando (Red Wheel Press).

If you have written an interesting self-help book that will help others and need a self-help literary agent, we would like to hear from you.

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