Langtons International Agency is more than just your average savvy literary agent! The agency does more than selling an author’s book to commercial publishers, and those extra steps can often get a book to sell much more rapidly. Selling the book to publishers is the main task for literary agents, but Langtons International goes a step beyond that, helping an author’s book get the largest audience possible.


Editing services are one of the many additional services offered by Langtons International. Professional editors are a requirement for authors, as they have experience knowing what publishers are looking for in a book and are able to work on their books to bring them up to publishable standards . Working with a professional editor will allow your book to be the best it can be. Langtons International works with fantastic professional independent editors, specializing in different genres. Many of the editors we work with are award-winning, best selling authors, or have worked at major publishing houses as acquiring editors. In this way we supply savvy literary services.


Based on the level of editing done before working with us, the author can work with one of various types of editing services we offer. A general overview edit is a 9-10 page report on what needs to be done with the book.  A roadmap edit is wherethe editor goes through the manuscript page-by-page, line by line and uses track changes and comments in the margin to provide comments as to what needs to be done to bring the manuscript up to a more  publishable standard. In these ways we offer savvy literary services.


Ghostwriting is an other savvy literary service which we offer where one of our ghostwriter can completely write the book for the author from scratch.


 Once the book is sold to our publisher, we have many ways we promote the book, including on our social media pages and in our newsletter, Books On Our Radar, which is sent out every other week. We also make sure an author has their own self-promotion, including social media accounts set up, in order to make sure the author develops a following.


Langtons International is a savvy literary agent provideing literary services beyond selling books to the publishers. Although making sure an author is commercially published is their number one goal, Langtons International goes beyond that, setting authors up with editors and promoting the book for high sales. Literary agents can do a lot for an author, and Langtons International helps the author consistently throughout the publishing and post-publishing process through their savvy literary services..


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