Undergoing a professional edit is an integral part to becoming a published author.

Professional independent editors, mostly specialize in different genres. Some are award winning authors, others may have worked for major publishing houses, and others may have been independent editors for many years. We take special care in choosing the right editor and type of professional edit for an author to fit the nature of their book and who will connect with their writing voice.

We offer three different types of professional edits through our editing services. Each edit is progressively more intensive. The edit chosen depends on the level of work needed to bring the author’s book up to publishable standard.

These professional edits include an overview where the editor writes a 9-10 pages comprehensive report, on the manuscript, pointing out what needs to be done regarding characterization, dialogue, story arc, etc. The editor will provide one or two examples as they go along.

A roadmap edit is where the editor goes into the manuscript line by line, using track changes, makes comments and suggestions in the margins providing a step-by-step guideline for the author to follow. This is a more in-depth edit as it will show the exact areas that requires attention.

The third professional edit is a developmental edit. The editor will first complete a roadmap and then does a line-by-line in depth edit.  As the author is reworking their book they can be direct contact with the editor to ask questions for clarification and suggestions, via email, phone, or video call ad the editor will provide the author with guidance to make adjustments and rewrite aspects of their book.

Editing and revising is a process that all writers, even best-selling published authors go through, and working with a professional editor is essential as it will provide a fresh perspective on the manuscript and make corrections where needed. Professional editors have nearly always worked in the publishing industry or have written a book themselves and are familiar with the standards commercial publishers expect from their authors.

Langtons International Agency work with some of the best independent, professional editors in the US and UK, and offer services to writers whose books need to be edited to bring them up to publishable standard so that they can agent them to the commercial publishers.

Please contact at langtonsinternational@gmail.com for more information.