If you have written a non-fiction political book, and you wish it to be commercially published you will need to find a political literary agent to represent you and your book to the commercial publishers. Linda Langton is a politics literary agent that has represented many successful authors of political books.

Here are some tips to considering when finding and submitting to a political literary agent. The first step is to find an agent that specializes in non-fiction political books, and is willing to represent a variety of views. While the agent does not necessarily have to personally support your political point of view, they should be willing to back your book and sell it to the appropriate commercial publishers.

A good political literary agent will have a strong reputation and track record of books sold. They will be up to date and aware of the current market, and have connections with publishers, to ensure they will find the right publisher for your book.

Within the genre of political books, there is a broad range. They could be factual books about political events, inspirational political memoirs by world leaders, or biographies of political figures. These non-fiction books could include history, or focus on current events. A politics literary agent may work with several types of political books, or may only focus on memoirs or factual books. Political books reflect various different political points of view, and often points of view on news topics that affect the world. A politics literary agent will look for books that are topical, and will have a wide audience.

When submitting your project to a  literary agent that works in the political arena, you may submit either a full manuscript, your biography, and a synopsis, or you can submit a full proposal and three sample chapters. Your proposal should include marketing information, a description of your book, and detailed table of contents. It is also important to include competing or similar titles, so the politics literary agent will have an idea of the market for your book.

As political books contain facts, opinions, and discuss important current issues, it is important to share your credentials as an author. Why are you qualified to write this book? Have you worked in politics, or studied political science, or worked as a journalist? A politics literary agent will focus on looking at your academic and professional experience, as you must be qualified on the political subject.

Langtons International Agency has represented many books as a politics literary agent. Some of our successful titles include Ben Gurion by Avi Shilon (Rowman and Littlefield), American Conspiracies and Cover-Ups by Douglas Cirignano (Skyhorse Publishing), and Barack Obama and the Politics of Redemption by Stanley Renshon (Routledge).

We are always looking for current, interesting and well written books political books to represent as a politics literary agent. If you have written a political book, we would be happy to hear from you.

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