Happy New Year to all our friends, clients and family!

It has been a busy start to the year for us.

Happy New Year to all our friends, clients and family!
On Thursday, January 21st, Linda attended Hachette Book Group cocktail party at their offices.
She met a number of industry insiders, including the CEO Michael Pietsch and Executive Editor of Grand Central Publishing, Gretchen Young, to whom she sold the book Trumbo by Bruce Cook. Thank you, Gretchen for all your hard work in championing Trumbo.
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Congratulations to our author, Avi Shilon, on the publication of his new book, Ben-Gurion: His Later Years in the Political Wilderness with Rowman & Littlefield. The book is the first in-depth account of the later years of David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s first Prime Minister and founding father. The ebook version will be available in May 2016.

Available here: Rowman & Littlefield

A Warm Welcome to Our New Authors!
We are also thrilled to welcome Gavin Lambe-Murphy, a prominent journalist and socialite based between Dublin and Rome, who captured the attention of the Irish and UK media due to his notorious stamina on the social scene! He has appeared on numerous reality TV shows, with Young Posh and Loaded. He has written for a number of international newspapers and magazines including columns in The Sunday Times, The Daily Mail and The Sunday Independent. He comes to the agency with his first book, Diary of an It Boy. Photo: Irish Independent Magazine, Saturday 23 January 2016.
Gavin Lambe-Murphy, author of Diary of an It Boy
We are very pleased to welcome Koert Debeuf, a political analyst and former advisor to the Belgian Prime Minister, with his newest book
Tribilization (Or the End of Globalization). The book centers around the “tribalization” phenomenons like ISIS, Trump, recent Paris attacks, and much more, within the context of the slowdown of globalization and what to do about it. Koert is also the author of Inside the Arab Revolution (Lanoo Publishers, 2014) as well as Koorddansers van de Macht (Meulenhof-Mante, 2009) and now works as a Visiting Research Fellow at Oxford University.
Koert Debeuf, author of Tribilization (Or the End of Globalization)
Bonnie MacBird, friend and author of Art in the Blood, was visiting New York for the BSI (Baker Street Irregulars) Society Weekend where she gave a talk on Saturday morning and signed copies of her book. Linda had the pleasure of her company for lunch at Trattoria Dell’Arte while she was in New York. Art in the Blood, the first in the trilogy, was published by Harper Collins UK in September 2015, and has had enormous success selling almost 10,000 copies in its first three months. Congratulations, Bonnie!
It is always such a pleasure to see one of our books, two and half years after its publication, in a bookstore. Over the Christmas break,
Fear of Our Father  by Lisa Bonnice and Stacy Kananen (Berkley, 2013) was spotted at Barnes & Noble in Chandler, AZ.Available here: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

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