Autumn in New York!
Autumn began this year with a visit from the inspirational Pope, sending messages of peace to the world. Linda and her assistant, Valia, were able to watch him pass from the front of her building. The Blood Moon eclipse, a dog walker surrounded by her charges, the miracle doggy Princess, who recently survived a tear in the membrane of her heart, and a dressage of Arabian horses are just some of the wonderful sights seen in Central Park in September.
Company News
Following the success of her recent appearances on Dr. Phil, our client, Ann-Margaret Carrozza, has been invited back for 5 television shows this coming season. Ann has also signed with Studio City Productions to be the featured legal expert in a new reality show which deals with contentious legal issues arising at the time of romantic breakups for which she is an expert.

A Warm Welcome to Our New Authors!

Jason O’Toole’s The Irish Players: A personal odyssey into the dark underbelly of the Emerald Isle
We are thrilled to welcome award-winning Irish author and journalist, Jason O’Toole, to our agency. Jason is a bestselling author of eight books, including the authorized biography of former Irish prime minister Brian Cowen (Transworld Digital, 2008). Jason has received a Cultural Merit Award from the Irish government, was a runner-up in the National Journalist of the Year Award in 2011, and his books have been shortlisted by the Irish Publishing Industry, the National Broadcaster, and the Irish Sports Book of the Year.
In The Irish Players, O’Toole delves into the world of Ireland’s mafia, uncovering the truth behind the country’s leading criminals while facing death threats, visiting whore houses with drug dealers, and an official complaint made against him by the British Royal Family.
Martyn Ellington’s Flight 993
Martyn Ellington, a debut novelist from N.E. England has also joined Langtons International Agency. His debut novel Flight 993 follows an inexplicable plane crash which transports the crew back to a prehistoric world where they must fight for survival, meanwhile, air crash investigators find remains of an aircraft next to a dinosaur fossil and realize they may hold the key to stop the flight from ever taking off.
Martyn Ellington has worked in the financial industry for many years. Flight 993 previously sold 27,000 copies as a self-published book under a different title. Welcome Martyn.
Jaz Davison’s Once Upon a Mouse
We are delighted that debut novelist Jaz Davison has joined our agency. Jaz’s part-fable, part meta-fiction, part BritLit novel, Once Upon a Mouse, is a heroine’s coming-of-age story about the longing for justice that speaks timeless truths to readers of all ages. Jaz Davison is an actor and award-winning stage director whose work has been performed by the National American Shakespeare Company, appeared on the UK’s Channel 5, and acclaimed a “Must See” by The Los Angeles Times.
Dave Dumanis’ Nine Lives
We are also happy to welcome debut novelist Dave Dumanis to the agency. Nine Lives is a short-story collection inspired by the fictional book of the same name from the classic film Breakfast at Tiffany’s. In the words of the infamous fictional author Paul ‘Fred’ Varjak, Daumanis’ stories on race, gender, and world catastrophe are “sensitive, intensely felt, and dirty – but only incidentally.”  With a B.A. in English from San Diego State University, Dave Dumanis has worked as an advertising creative director for many years during which time he has written and self-published six novels.
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