Happy Autumn in New York!
Central Park is putting on a fabulous show of color, as it always does at this time of year.
Company News
This month, Linda attended a two day Television Content Show Conference, where she met a number of interesting television and media directors and producers. The speakers included Wendy Williams.
And what a fabulous night it was at the Trumbo LA movie premiere!
Held at the glamorous Academy’s Samuel Goldwyn Theater on Tuesday, October 27th, Linda joined her friend and client, Judith Aller and family, at the opening night of Trumbo. And what an opening night it was! Attended by the cast, family and friends, it was a pleasure to meet Bryan Cranston, Helen Mirren, Jay Roach, Michael Stuhlbarg, Kevin Brown, et al.
Trumbo, based on the book by Bruce Cook, was absolutely marvelous, tightly produced, fast paced and brilliantly acted. Oscar worthy on many levels!
This is a very important true story about Dalton Trumbo, who was a member of the communist party during the McCarthy Era, and who later became one of the highest paid writers in Hollywood. He was blacklisted and sent to prison for contempt of Congress. After being released, this charismatic writer, and the rest of Hollywood Ten, continued to write and release scripts under fake names, one of which, The Roman Holiday, won Trumbo an Oscar.
Trumbo opens in theaters nationwide on November 6th.
A Warm Welcome to Our Authors!
Laura Lee’s Oscar’s Ghost
We are beyond excited to welcome Laura Lee to our agency! An author of 15 published books, Laura comes to us with a new and intriguing look at Oscar Wilde’s life and love life. In Oscar’s Ghost, we are introduced to two of the playwright’s closest friends– both former lovers–who went to battle against each other over who would control the narrative about Wilde’s life and who history would blame for his death. Welcome Laura!
S.G. Night’s Attrition
We are thrilled to welcome a debut author, S.G. Night, to our company. S.G. has had stories growing in his head since birth. He began the final draft of Attrition: the First Act of Penance at age 14, finishing just before his 18th birthday. Nowadays, Sam spends his time working as an entrepreneur, studying business marketing, and slaving away over the trilogy. Attrition is his debut fantasy novel.
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