BRUCE COOKTrumbo (Grand Central Publishing September 2015) wrote Trumbo (Simon and Schuster 1977), an intriguing biography about the life of Dalton Trumbo. Trumbo was the central figure in the “Hollywood Ten” the blacklisted and jailed screenwriters and it was written with Dalton Trumbo’s full cooperation after many hours of interviews with him. Resold to Grand Central Publishing, Hachette Group, and published November 2015 to coincide with the release of the movie Trumbo, starring Bryan Cranston, Diane Lane and Helen Mirren, it is translated into five languages. Bruce Cook, author of 23 books, both fiction and non-fiction, were all commercially published. His books have been warmly praised by critics and named “Best Book of the Year”, “Most Notable Book of the Year” by the New York Times, Publishers Weekly, and The Chicago Tribune.

ELAINE PETRONE: The Miracle Ball Method (Workman, 2003), is a best-seller, which sold 1.7 million copies, guides readers through the miracle ball method to teach them to work through their nervous systems, in a user friendly manner to gain pain free freedom of movement. Elaine introduces readers to the method, and includes workouts and instructions so that users may gain the full benefits of the miracle ball method from the comfort of their homes. Elaine Petrone  has been teaching her method for over 30 years and has consulted Fortune 500 companies in stress and pain management, as well as appeared on nationally syndicated television shows for Fox News, Lifetime, NBC and ABC news, etc.

SUSIE CARDERPower Your Profits: How to Take Your Business from Start-Up to $10 Million (Atria Books, May 2020)  teaches entrepreneurs how to scale businesses up quickly, including a step-by-step guide to building an operations, finance and marketing systems that enabled Susie to make millions of dollars. Carder includes the lessons she learned the hard way, as well as lessons learned by her clients and other successful business professionals to help readers to understand and get it right. Susie Carder is a serial entrepreneur, inventor of the Predictable Success Method, and author of nine books, including Living Proof, co-authored with Lisa Nichols.

DR. WILLIAM H. REID: A Dark Night in Aurora (Skyhorse June 2018) follows Holmes from early childhood to his final sentencing regarding the movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado where 12 people were murdered. Dr. Reid’s book offers a unique complete perspective on the shooting and the complex man behind the shooting whose monstrous act was almost inextricably woven with mental illness, criminality and, many would say, evil.  Dr. William H. Reid was the judge’s psychiatric expert in People of the State of Colorado v. James Holmes. He spent more than a year reviewing 75,000 pages of written case materials and hundreds of CDs and DVDs with photographs, audio, video, psychological and psychiatric assessments.

DOUGLAS CIRIGNANOAmerican Conspiracies and Cover-Ups (Skyhorse, April 2019) brings together interviews with the bestselling and brightest minds in the alternative history world, including Noam Chomsky and Jim Marrs, to create the definitive guide to our country’s biggest secrets. From the foreknowledge of the attacks of Pearl Harbor and September 11, 2011 to the truth behind the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr., no conspiracy is left behind. Author Douglas Cirignano brings together the foremost experts in the field to answer these questions once and for all, and proves that mainstream histories don’t tell the real story. Douglas Cirignano has written for many magazines and websites, including Prison Planet and L’ Historie magazine.

MARCIA DASZKO: Pivot, Disrupt, Transform: How Leaders Beat the Odds and Survive (Diversion Press, Spring 2019) In this innovative business book, Daszko draws on her expertise to guide readers through a three-step process: first, recognize and stop behaviors that hurt the business, second, start taking steps to introduce a new way of thinking, and finally, transform your company into a more resilient, adaptive, and united organization.  Marcia Daszko uses her decades of experience as an advisor to hundreds of executives, many from Fortune 500 companies, to inspire bold news ways of thinking about leadership.

GAYLE PRUITTThe Dog-Gone Good Cookbook:For Dogs and Humans (St. Martins Press February 2013) and The Dog-Gone Good Cuisine (St. Martin’s Press January 2014). The books have now been sold to PBS for a reality show. These easy and healthy recipe books are full of tasty natural recipes for humans and their canine kids to enjoy together. Pruitt has been a nutritionist and chef for fifteen years and currently produces “Health by Nature,” a national syndicated health radio show. Her book contains 100 delicious balanced recipes which are gluten, corn, and soy free and are enhanced by humorous photography by award-winning photographer Joe Grisham and art director/designer Janet Healey.

Oscar’s Ghost (Amberley Publishing June 2017) author of 15 published books.  In Oscar’s Ghost, we are introduced to two of Oscar Wilde’s closest friends, Lord Alfred “Bosie” Douglas and Robert Ross – both former lovers – who went to battle against each other over who would control the narrative about Wilde’s life and who history would blame for his death. Laura Lee is the author of 15 commercially published books, including the best-selling humorous reference book The Pocket Encyclopedia of Aggravation (Black Dog and Leventhal, 2001). She is also a performer, and has worked as a broadcasting career and a ballerina.

LINDA WATTSYour Life Path (Skyhorse March 2018) offers an innovative life-mapping experience that helps readers identify and achieve their goals. It applies the concept of life mapping, which is a simple, fun, and comprehensive method for reflecting on your past and “re-modeling” your future. The process of life review, reflection, and future projection facilitates insights by which readers can effectively design practical, innovative pathways to the realization of their value-driven goals. Dr. Linda Watts is a Chair of the Department of Anthropology at the University of Colorado and a professor of Cultural and Linguistic Anthropology.

STACEY HYLEN: Hidden Profits is a unique business how-to book that teaches entrepreneurs and business owners how to transform their business models and increase profits with powerful marketing and sales strategies developed by Stacey. Entrepreneurs will learn how to make the most of the resources at hand to gain more profit from exisiting sales, even in times of economic uncertainty. Stacey was Vice President of Consulting for Tony Robbins’s Business Mastery program for many years and has since become an internationally recognized business growth strategist, coach, speaker, and author in her own right.

ANN MARGARET CARROZZA Love and Money: Protecting Yourself from Angry Exes, Conartists, Wacky Relatives and Inner Demons (Skyhorse Publishing December 2016) Ann Margaret is a pre-eminently rated attorney and a sought after expert on issues ranging from celebrity wills, prenups and divorce, to general wealth and legal issues. Love and Money sold to the Jackal Group and is  now a reality Television show on CBS. Ann Margaret has appeared on Good Morning America, CNN, Fox, Access Hollywood, Good Morning Britain, and CNN International.  Love and Money will help individuals and couples better plan their estates, protect their assets and develop a rational, caring plan for how to enjoy and share their lives and resources.

KARENA KILCOYNEYou Begin by Loving a Dog is the inspiring memoir of Karena and the dog who changed her life. Deep emotional wounds started to appear from Karena’s abusive childhood and threatened to ruin her relationship and career. Her life turned around when she adopted Finn, a beautiful golden retriever.  When Finn was diagnosed with incurable cancer, Karena finally faced her past and healed from her trauma. After a career as a criminal defense attorney, Karena Kilcoyne retired from law to become a writer and blogger and started the lifestyle blog, <>, and a successful wellness speaker.

PAULA DIPERNA: Travels in the Time of Trump (Endeavour Media March 2018) is an engaging political non-fiction narrative that weaves a woman’s global travel with the realities of Trump’s election in the US as she rediscovers her activist drive and love of life. Paula uses her experience as a globe totter to set off around the world and consider how to resist the election of Donald Trump.  As she travels, she encounters politics head-on in each country, and the unfolding real-life daily news in America intertwines with the great and small joys of life on the road.  From America, to Europe, Africa, Asia, and the tiny islands in Finland, she connects the different people she meets and places she encounters with the disturbing truths of Trump’s election.

AVI SHILON: Menachem Begin: 1913-1992 (Yale University Press November 2012). Finalist: National Jewish Book Award 2012. Ben Gurion: Epilogue, also a bestseller in Israel, published by Oved Publishers.  Avi Shilon’s riveting best-selling book Menachem Begin: 1913-1992 (Rowman and Littlefield March 2016)is the most comprehensive and thorough, revelatory biography of one the most important figures in Israeli history. It is a beautifully documented book of Menachem Begins remarkable life and explains his complex character and shedding new light on Begin’s lasting impact on Israeli politics and society. Ben Gurion: Epilogue is the first in-depth account of the later years of David Ben-Gurion (1886-1973), Israel’s first Prime Minister and founding father.

ROSARY O’NEILL AND RORY SCHMITTNew Orleans Voodoo: A Cultural History (The History Press, January 2019) studies altars, art, and ceremonies to delve into the rich history of Voodoo tradition and practice that began in the early 19th century and continues even today. The city’s Roman Catholic roots and its blended French, Spanish, Creole and American Indian populations heavily influenced the rites and rituals that West Africans brought to Louisiana as enslaved laborers. The resulting unique Voodoo tradition is now deeply rooted in the area. Rosary O’Neill is the author of twenty five plays and three non-fiction books. She has received six Fullbright Scholarships for her work in drama. Rory Schmitt is a professor, photographer, and author of Navajo and Hopi Art in Arizona (The History Press, 2016).

RODNEY SADLERKilling Women: The True Story of a Michigan Serial Killer (Wild Blue Press, 2020) is the story of the shocking murders perpetrated by former youth pastor Don Miller, who was charged only with involuntary manslaughter for two of his four murders. Today, having served the maximum sentence for these charges, he remains in prison solely for possessing a strangulation device in his cell. When he has finished this sentence, he’ll be released back into society. Rodney Sadler is a decorated police officer who worked in law enforcement for over 30 years. During his career, he appeared on four national television shows including Accident InvestigatorForensic Files, and Call 911.

CAROLINA SARASSA WITH DIANA MONTANEDancing on Her Grave (Berkley Books April 2015)  This true story of Deborah Flores was featured on Discovery Channel’s Deadly Sins February 2015. Movie rights were sold to Lifetime Network and the story was featured in a two hour movie Death of a Vegas Showgirl to great acclaim in October 2016. A true crime story of Deborah Flores a Las Vegas Showgirl with three college degrees who disappeared when she relocated from Atlanta, where she was launching her career as a dancer at the Luxor hotel on December 12, 2010. Her ex-boyfriend has been convicted for life for her murder. Carolina Sarassa is a news anchor and producer for Univision’s affiliate station in Las Vegas, Nevada. Previously, Sarassa worked for Univision’s affiliate KORO TV in Corpus Christi, Texas where she was anchor and lead reporter covering the courts and the police.

KATHY KELLY WITH DIANA MONTANE:  I Would Find a Girl Walking: Letters from a Serial Killer (Berkeley Books April 2011) takes you inside the serial killer Gerald Stano’s mind, giving you a glimpse of his sick and warped reasoning, while at the same time, depicting the horror his victim’s lived in the last moments of their lives.  It is a true crime book which will shock and astound.  The story has been featured on Discovery Channel’s Deadly Sins in March 2015. Kathy Kelly is a staff reporter for The Wall Street Journal and a former reporter for Time magazine and the New York Observer. She attracted international attention for her three-part series of articles on Bear Stearns, which ran on the front pages of The Wall Street Journal in May 2008.

SAM ALIBRANDOThe 3 Dimensions of Emotions (Redwheel Press, July 2016) delivers a distinctive way to understand all human interactions through three axes on which people move interpersonally- love, power, and mindfulness. How well we learn to navigate them directly corresponds to how well we live our lives, how happy and fulfilled we feel. Readers will learn a practical tool set to use any time to move them from an unproductive negative reaction into a more productie interaction with anyone in their lives. Sam Alibrando, Ph.D., is President of APC, Inc. a psychological consutling firm, and he is an organizational consultant, psychotherapist, author, teacher, workshop facilitator, collaborate mediator and executive coach.

ROOPA UNNIKRISHNAN: Career Catapult: Shake Up the Status Quo and Boost Your Professional Trajectory (Career Press March 2017) is a guide for readers to achieve their career goals and find fulfillment at work through a process of five innovative steps. We live in an evolving economic environment, one in which job security and career certainty are distant memories. The old rules for navigating the turbulent waters of employment just don’t apply anymore Roopa Unnikrishnan MBA, MPhil (Oxford), is a strategic leader and consultant with experience in a variety of industries where she helped seed and drive change. She is the founder of Center10 Consulting, LLC and is now the first female President of The Indus Entrepreneurs NY, the premier chapter of TiE, a global network of entrepreneurs and investors world wide.

DANA HUNTLEY: America’s Forgotten Colonial History (Globe Pequot, Spring 2019). There are 150 years, a minimum of six generations between Plymouth Plantation and the 1770s, that are virtually unknown and unaccounted for in our American narrative. How and why did people build the varied societies in the New World? Dana Huntley’s comprehensive narrative America’s Forgotten Colonial History answers these long awaited questions. Dana Huntley has written scores of travel itineraries in England, Scotland and Wales, and lectured on historical and literary topics ranging from the War of the Roses to Thomas Hardy’s Wessex. He founded Lord Addison Travel, which operated small groups with special interest in museums, historical societies, PBS stations.

MACK COLLIER:  Think Like a Rock Star: How to Create Marketing Strategies That Turn Customers Into Fans (McGraw Hill March 2013). Mack Collier’s fascinating book, #1 Customer Service Category, shows companies how to create fiercely loyal customer advocates by applying the methods that Rock Stars use to connect with their fans. Mack Collier is a social media strategist, trainer and speaker specializing in helping companies better connect with their customers via social media. His clients range from small companies to Fortune 100 companies. Mack is a highly sought after public speaker and he founded and moderates Blogchat, the largest Twitter chat.

IAN GREENLEIGHThe Social Media Side Door: How to Bypass the Gatekeepers to Gain Greater Access and Influence (McGraw Hill Febuary 2014) shows how the new world of online and offline are now inextricably connected. The biggest difference between those that are finding personal and professional success through social media and those that aren’t, is that the latter see traditional barriers where they no longer exist. Ian Greenleigh is an influential social media strategist and blogger, whose ideas have been featured in Harvard Business Review, Seth Godin’s The Domino Project and Jason Falls’ Social Media Explorer is a two time Texas Social Media Awards Nominee.

GALE ST. JOHN WITH DIANA MONTANEMissing and Presumed Dead (Llewellyn Publishing March 2014) tells the stories of eight of these victims who had disappeared, including those of Caylee Anthony and Stacy Hendrickson, gaining mass media attention. Gale St. John was four years old when she had her first fiery vision. It came fast and furious, and then it vanished. It was of her neighbor’s house and she was so frightened she ran inside her house in tears. Her mother and her grandmother reassured her, telling her this was a normal occurrence among the women in their family, but not to confide it to anyone else. One week later the neighbors’ house caught fire.Gale has appeared on Psychic Detectives on Court TV, and on Psychic Investigators on TLC. She has appeared on the Larry King Show, Nancy Grace, and on Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell. Gale St John has helped police over many years to psychically find the bodies or remains of many victims.

SEAN ROBBINS WITH DIANA MONTANE: Invisible Killer:The Monster Behing the Mask (Titletown Publishing November 2013) The book was featured on Dr. Phil on April 3, 2014 after which it spent 3 weeks on Amazon top ten bestsellers list. It is a true crime book that explores the mind of a deviant serial killer who hides his murderous desires under a mask of complete normalcy. In 2004, detectives find Charlie Brandt hanging from the rafters in the garage of his niece’s home. Inside the house, they find a scene of horror that reminds them of other murders. Insights provided from an FBI profiler and forensic psychologist, victim’s friends and relatives, and the unique writings from victims themselves before their deaths. Sean Robbins has written several short stories, poems, and screenplays, and Invisible Killer is his debut novel.

MARK FRANKOMartha Graham in Love and War (Oxford University Press Feburary 2014) is a study of the life and choreography of Martha Graham between the war years from 1938 to 1953, was originally published by Oxford University Press in October 2011.  His book Dance As Text: Ideologies of the Baroque Body, Second Edition was published by Oxford University Press in May 2012. It reached No. 2 on in first week of publication in Dance Category. Mark Franko is one of America’s most prolific writers on dance in the country.  As well as being an award winning writer with numerous books and articles written on the subject of dance, he is an acclaimed choreographer and editor of Dance Research Journal.

WENDY WALLBRIDGESpiraling Upward: the 5 Co-creative Powers for Women on the Rise (Taylor & Francis May 2015) offers a road map for professional women to claim their wholeness and power in order to make an impact on their family, workplace, and community. Women comprise 51 percent of the world’s population, make up over half the workforce, and control 85 percent of consumer decisions.  The “Spiral Up” method teaches women to cultivate the five co-creative powers of energy, thoughts, feelings, speech, and action–the fundamentals of self-creation–in order to redefine success and re-author their lives. Wendy Wallbridge is a pioneer in the coaching field, TED presenter and the center of Scilicon Valley’s Women’s Movement.

JEREMY BALKINInvesting with Impact: Why Finance as a Force for Good (Taylor & Francis Publishing May 2015) outlines the roadmap to reinvigorating a skeptical public and demoralized financial services industry by making the case that, contrary to popular misconception, finance is not the cause of the world’s problems; in fact, it can provide the solution. Described by the Huffington Post as the “Anti-Wolf of Wall Street,” Balkin is challenging the status quo. Jeremy is the founder of KarmaCapital, a company that encourages the wealthy to embrace philanthropy, and runs his own non-profit philanthropic platform, Give While You Live. He has a blog at Huffington Post, and Arianna Huffington described Jeremy as the “Anti-Wolf of Wall Street.” The World Economic Forum selected Jeremy as a Young Global Leader in 2013.

AMIR AHMAD NASRMy Islam: A Love Story of How Fundamentalism Stole My Mind, Broke My Heart, and Blogging Fed My Mystic Soul (St. Martin’s Press June 2013). The story of one man’s troubled relationship with his religion – from arranged marriage to unexpected love, to infidelity and then to the brink of irreconcilability and back. Amir Ahmad was born in war-ravaged Sudan and raised in Qatar where he was taught in school in his neighborhood mosque that Islam was the one true faith, Jews and secularism were the sources of countless evils, Western women were generally immoral and promiscuous, and doubts about any of this were the voice of the devil. Amir’s blog, “The Sudanese Thinker,” had following of one million and has  won the World Blog Award for two years. His memoir, Islam: A Love Story, sold to St. Martins Press and  German rights also sold

NATHAN LEANThe Islamophobia Industry: How the Right Manufactures Fear of Muslims (Pluto Press September 2011) reflects the rising tide of Islamophobia sweeping through the United States and Europe. Lean takes us inside the minds of the “industry of Islamaphobia:” a well-orchestrated enterprise of conservative bloggers, right-wing talk show hosts, evangelical religious leaders, and politicians, united in their quest to exhume the ghosts of September 11th and convince their compatriots that Islam is the enemy. Uncovering their  scare tactics, revealing their motives, and exposing the  ideologies that drive their effective propaganda machine, Lean situates Islamophobia within a long history of national and international phobias and unravels the narrative of fear that has dominated discussions on Muslims and Islam. Nathan Lean is a scholar of Middle Eastern studies, international relations and political science.  He is a  presenter on the Middle East on many talk shows and has  co-authored “Israel, Iran and the United States” (Praeger  2011) together with Jalil Roshandel.

STACEY KANANEN and LISA BONNICEFear of Our Father (The Berkley Publishing Group June 2013)  is the true story of Stacey Kananen who together with her brother, survived decades of severe sexual and physical abuse (ducking bullets and knives) by her father.  Ultimately, both parents were killed by her brother, Richard, and when Stacey agreed to testify against him, he turned on her and accused her of helping him with his crimes.  On trial for her life in 2010,  nationally televised by CNN’s “In Session”, Stacey was defended by Diana Tennis, an Orlando attorney famous for her role as legal analyst  on Greta Van Sustern’s FOX News Show. She was included in a BBC documentary in 2012.

FRAN REISNERDogs of Central Park (Rizzoli Publishing May 2011) celebrates the vast number and variety of dogs that live and play in or near iconic Central Park in New York. Dogs of all shapes, sizes and breed are captured during every glorious season offered in Central Park, from classic to comedic portraiture. Whimsical, humorous, and genuinely endearing, The Dogs of Central Park is a unique love letter to dogs and to New York, and is a wonderful souvenir for tourists and dog lovers alike. Fran Reisner is a multi-published photographer who has won numerous national and international awards. She has been honored with Photographic Master and Craftsman degrees.

ETHLIE ANN VARE: Love Addict (HCI Books September 2011) and The Broken Places (Tor Books, 2003). Love Addict deals with ADD includes current rock stars and film personalities. Ethlie Ann Vare is the editor of ROCK Magazine and her syndicated newspaper column ROCK ON was rated the #1 music column in America by Feature Research Inc. and won a Maggie Award.  She is a multi award winning script writer and her TV movies have won Platinum, Gold and Silver medals at film festivals in the US and Canada, including CSI, Dick Wolf’s Players and Lifetime’s Strong Medicine. She writes the popular blog “ADD: Affection Deficit Disorder”, which  has gathered a loyal following of readers worldwide.

STANLEY RENSHONThe Obama Presidency and the Politics of Change (Routledge July 2011) is based on extensive biographical, psychological, and political research and analysis, and follows Obama’s presidency through the first two years. Renshon digs into the question of who is the real Obama and assesses the advantages and limitations that he brings to the presidency. Professor Stanley Renshon is both a Political Science professor and a psychologist.  Author of 16 books, including National Security in the Obama Administration and award winning High Hopes: The Clinton Presidency and the Politics of Ambition, (Routledge 1998); In His Father’s Shadow: The Transformations of George W. Bush(St Martins Press 2004) .  With over 100 articles published on political comment in the nation’s newspapers and journals, he has appeared extensively on national television and radio.

DAN ROTTENBERGThe Outsider: Albert M. Greenfield and the Fall of the Protestant Establishment (Temple University Press September 2014). Author of 11 published books, Dan Rottenberg has written more than 300 articles for magazines such as Town and Country, New York Times Magazine, Forbes, Civilization, Rolling Stone, and many others. Award-winning editor, media critic, arts critic, financial journalist and chronicler of great American family dynasties. His previous book, Death of a Gunfighter, a saga of the “Old West,” uses the the forgotten Pony Express Enforcer Jack Slade (1831-1864) as a prism to write about the opening of the West. It was published by Westholme Publishing in Autumn 2008 and won the Wild West History of the Year Book Club Award. A paperback edition was published in November 2009.

NANCY HEINZENThe Perfect Square: A History of Rittenhouse Square (Temple University Press 2009) the first full-length social history of one of the five squares William pen established when he founded Philadelphia, that has seized the imagination and envy of social climbers, urban planners, and novelists alike for two centuries. Painstakingly researched and illustrated with black and white photographs. Nancy Heinzen has ben a resident of Rittenhouse Square for over forty years and is an activist committed to its preservation. She lovingly chronicles this urban space’s devlopment and growth, illustrating the unique combination of human events and relationships that have created and sustained it.

ROBERT EMMET HERNAN:This Borrowed Earth (Palgrave MacMillan February 2010)  describes the worst 15 environmental disasters in the twentieth century. Here are the strikingly poignant accounts of disasters whose names live in infamy: Chernobyl, Bhopal, Exxon Valdez, Three Mile Island, Love Canal, Minamata and others. And with these, the extraordinary and inspirational stories of the countless men and women who fought bravely to protect the communities and environments at risk. Chinese rights sold and published December 2011. Robert Hernan, until recently, served as Senior Counsel for Commissioner Initiatives for the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation.  From 1988 – 2007, he was Assistant Attorney General for the State of New York serving as trial counsel for the State in major toxic waste cases, including the infamous Love Canal Case.

THERESA DRESCHERThe Upside to Everything, Even Cancer: Advice and Wisdom From Fifteen Years at a Breast Cancer Helpline addresses the challenges breast cancer patients face with clear and  in-depth information on managing the situation from day one to a post-diagnosis life gathered from fifteen years on the front line of getting women through the crisis. This book will lead women in becoming empowered patients. Theresa Drescher is an entrepreneur, a life and career coach, and a director of a nonprofit organization. She is also a nineteen-year breast cancer survivor, who has supported and advised women from all over the world.

GEORGE SZPIROMathMurders is an intimate look into the mind of Professor Valery I. Fabrikant, who performed a mass shooting at Concordia University in Montreal, and killed four colleagues. Using research and over ten years of correspondence with Fabrikant, now serving a life sentence in prison, George Szpiro delves into this famous case, and traces Fabrikant’s path from a brilliant professor, to a cold-blooded killer. George Szpiro is the award winning author of six non-fiction books, and over thirty articles published in professional journals, including Science, Nature and The Jerusalem Report. For more than thirty years he has been working as an international correspondent of the Swiss daily Neue Zürcher Zeitung.

MARK PINSKYDrifting Into Darkness is an insider’s true-crime account of a double parricide of Charlotte and Brent Springford; the suicide of their troubled but gifted son Brent Jr.; and a fourth, unsolved homicide. Investigators would quickly find that more than two million dollars’ worth of cash and valuable had been scammed from the Springfords by their son, and his wife, Carolyn Scoutt, a fake Native American shaman. Mark Pinsky is the author of six non-fiction books and an investigative journalist. He has written for the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, reporting on famous cases such as the trial of Ted Bundy and the shooting of Trayvon Martin. He was recently featured on the Investigation Discovery docuseries on Ted Bundy, Mind of a Monster.

WILMA SIEGEL It’s Going to Be Fine is about a pioneer woman with the courage to focus beyond gender bigotry to bridge the fields of Art and Science, bringing feminism to these disciplines in the early 1960s. Wilma Siegel’s career has been groundbreaking in the interdisciplinary area of palliative Medicine and the Arts. She was one of the only woman in her time to study under Byrl James Kennedy, the Father of Oncology. She has received multiple awards in her areas of achievement, and continues to show her art in galleries across the country.

JOHN GERASSITalking with Sartre: Conversations and Debates (Yale University Press November 2009) Authorized by Sartre to write his biography, Gerassi conducted a long series of interviews between 1970 and 1974, to produce a breathtaking portrait of one of the world’s most famous intellectuals, published in the UK February 2010 and the French translation by Grasset in March 2011. The Spanish, Italian and Egyptian translations also published. Professor John Gerassi was the official biographer of Jean-Paul Sartre. A professor of politics at Queens College New York, he had a long eminent career as a journalist editor, writer, and professor at various universities including the University of Paris, JFK Institute, Freie Universtat West Berlin, International Relations San Francisco, and University of California Sacramento. He was the author or editor of 10 books including The Boys of BoiseFidel CastroThe Coming of the New InternationalThe Great Fear In Latin America which sold 178,000 copies and scores of other articles and pamphlets published on both sides of the Atlantic.