When looking for a literary agent for mystery authors it is important that you look for an agent that has experience in mystery novels! Literary agents for mystery authors have connections with commercial publishers that publish mystery books, and have experience in knowing how to get these books published.

Some tips to consider when searching for the perfect literary agent for mystery authors includes making sure the agent has experience publishing suspense-driven books. Mystery books have a specific audience, so you want to make sure the agent has successfully published that type of book before.


Mystery books are in a specific genre, but there are many different sub-genres of mystery books. These types of books can be set in any location or time period. Sherlock Holmes novels are set in the 1800s, and feature a well-known literary character, independent from law enforcement. Mystery books have also been set in modern day, following a tough-as-nails female detective, or on a boat in the 1700s, when a crewmate is shockingly found murdered. A literary agent for mystery authors may work in all different sub-genres of mystery, or may only focus on a specific time period and character, depending on what they are looking for at that time.


A really good mystery book usually revolves around a specific detective, and are often written as a series, with the detective dealing with a new mystery in every book. They are suspense-driven, and feature twists and turns throughout the book to keep the reader guessing. They feature the behind-the-scenes of solving a crime, and a literary agent for mystery authors will look at the experience you as the author has to write the book, or what level of research you did while writing it. Although mystery books are sometimes outlandish and witten only for the reader’s entertainment, they still must have a level of reality that makes them believable.


Langtons International Agency is a literary agency which specializes in mystery authors that have  sold a number of mysteries to the commercial publishers, the best known would be the  best selling Sherlock Holmes series written byBonnie MacBird, and sold to HarperCollins as a five book deal.  This includes Art In the Blood (2015), Unquiet Spirits(2017) and Devil’s Due (2019), all of which are best sellers and were translated into various languages and sold internationally.


We are always looking for current, interesting, well written mysteries to represent. If you have written a mystery, we would like to hear from you.


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