How to Perfect Your Writing Style

Knowing how to perfect your writing style is a must for any writer wishing to be published, as it is the most critical component to making your work stand out to those working in the industry and to your potential readers.

Your writing style refers to what we like to call the author’s “voice.” Simply put, it consists of how a writer chooses to communicate the story to the reader through language. Consequently, how you perfect your writing style will can easily make or break your work. 

And so, we are happy to supply you with some advice on how to perfect your writing style to help ensure your spot on the bestsellers list.

First and foremost, a simple piece of advice to improve your writing style is to practice. So, it’s in your best interest that you devote time to writing as a form of practice. An easy and common way to practice would be to write short stories.

Further, an essential tip on perfecting your writing style is developing a natural “voice.” A writing style that sounds too formal is often dull and almost always ends up losing the reader. To combat a stiff voice, you must ensure that your writing style has an effortless flow, sounding almost conversational. An essential tip here is to read your work aloud, as it helps you identify if your “voice” sounds natural.

Moreover, perhaps the most crucial piece of advice on how to perfect your writing style is to show your story, not tell it. Making a habit of over-explaining is detriment to your writing style, as it forces your writing to lack action.

So, when you assess your writing, make a note to eliminate any instances of too much telling. For example, make sure you show readers what your characters are feeling rather than telling them. A guaranteed way to do this is to use descriptive language. Developing a writing style that shows, rather than tells, makes your writing come alive, giving it character and will help perfect your writing style.

Once you’ve finished your work, reviewing and editing what you’ve written is vital to how you perfect your writing style. In the revising stage, you have the chance to polish your work and spot any critical mistakes that may hinder your writing style. 

And lastly, a simple yet efficient tip for how to perfect your writing style,  is to study other great writers’ work. After all, the most remarkable writers are always praised for their distinctive writing styles, such as Ernest Hemingway and Toni Morrison. Dissecting successful authors’ work allows you to pick up on what makes a great writing style, making you a better writer overall.

We hope the tips we’ve shared with you help you on your writing journey. Langtons International Agency welcomes your submissions which we are happy to receive and assess for publishing.