How to Market Your Published Book

Your book has been published. Where to go from here?

With the changing landscape of book publishing and marketing, the publishers no longer help you promote your published book to its targeted audience.
That’s why you will have to do a lot of the marketing yourself or take on a book marketing professional company to help you.
Here are a few hints to help you start the process.

Building Platforms

Before your book gets to the printing stage, you need to build up your platform to generate interest in you and your book. Your platform is about you, your brand, your reputation, your connections and access to social media and therefore your book.

You will need a website for you and your book which you will need to promote your book on constantly. Reach out to your targeted audience prior to publication date, so that when your book is published and available, you will have a following and your followers will have pre-ordered your book. 

Social media is a key tool for building an audience. Set up a Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, and, where appropriate, LinkedIn. It is important to write blogs on all of these to establish a following.

You will need to reach out to your targeted audience through your website, your blogs and your social media friends through online. You may have already built an audience from various writers groups you participated in before your book was published, which is a good base.  There may also be published authors who are willing to give your book a fantastic review!

We hope these tips help to market your book. It is never too soon to start building your platform.