When searching for a literary agent to work with, it is important that an author has a strong platform to market their book from. Literary agents look for writers that have an audience before they take on the author, because they want to know that they can market their books and there is an audience and will be interest in the book. Once an agent takes on an author, the publishers they would sell to will also want an authors to market their book and who  with a strong platform. Because of this, it’s important for authors to begin marketing their book prior to working with a literary agent.


Before connecting with a marketing agent for books, there are steps an author can take to develop  an online presence. Social media is the biggest and fastest way to do this, and a lot of marketing happens through it. An author can create a professional Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter account, separate from any personal ones that you have to market their books. A professional social media account focuses solely on the author’s writing, events, books, or anything relating to the promotion of their book. An author’s website should also be created, which provides direct ways on ow to market your book as well as other information on the author’s writings and their bio.


These steps are essential for an author to take, in order to increase the chances of getting a great literary agent and to signing with a great commercial publisher. Once the author develops an audience, and partners with a literary agent, a literary agent can help market the author and grow the author’s platform even more.


Once an author partners with a literary agent, the agent can promote these professional social media pages and websites, increasing the author’s platform and setting them up for strong sales from the beginning and will help market your book,.. These agents typically have a strong reputation and a wide outreach to various media outlets, which can be used to promote the book and author and its good reviews to everyday readers. And help market your book. By having social media and a professional website already set up when the author connects with a marketing agent for books, they’ll already have an online audience that will help the book get sold and market your book.


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