How to Deal with Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is every author’s nightmare and a common occurrence. If you find yourself stuck, here is some information on how to deal with writer’s block that may be of use.

To begin with, a special writer’s workspace is essential for every writer. If you don’t have a space dedicated to your work, it may be one reason why you’re struggling with writer’s block. Most often, our living and work space can directly impact our mental state and productivity. Therefore, it’s essential to identify a space that helps us feel motivated and comfortable.

In addition, setting a routine for yourself can be highly beneficial regarding how to deal with writer’s block. At times, it can be very easy to get off track. Setting a routine helps with discipline and will keep you working towards your goal. For instance, you can set a specific time for writing with a required daily word count. Writers that follow a ritual such as this have stated its benefits for overcoming writer’s block,  by showing up rather than avoiding the task at hand.

Furthermore, writing prompts are a guaranteed practice regarding how to deal with writer’s block. Although writing prompts may seem a thing of the past, they can help you get material on the page and brainstorm new ideas. Writing prompts are easily accessible online, so dedicating some time to them should not interfere with your schedule. We advise you to take advantage of these exercises, as they will help you deal with writers block and should  help you feel inspired.

Moreover, sometimes writer’s block is a symptom of overthinking. Maybe you’re overthinking your first draft and so put off writing anything at all. Instead, we urge you to write as freely as you can with no fears. Worrying about the little things, such as grammar, should come after the first draft once you’ve got something to work with. If you find yourself worrying more than writing, remember that the writing process takes time and effort, and a first draft should never be perfect and this should help you deal with writer’s block.

Lastly, regarding how to deal with writer’s block, sometimes the most straightforward answer is the most helpful – read. Much of writing is about getting in the right mindset. So, it would be wise to sit down and read some  other author’s books to get you in the zone. Writers have greatly stressed the importance of reading often, as it helps you gain inspiration. Also, as you read, you’ll find yourself noting what you like and don’t like in terms of writing. Overall, looking at other authors’ work will help you get in the right mindset, make you a better writer.

We hope the tips we’ve shared with you on how to deal with writer’s block have been helpful.

Langtons International Agency is always very happy to read your work and help you deal with writer’s block and with any other editing concerns you may have.