How to Choose the Right Title

What grabs your attention as you stroll among the endless shelves of a public library? The book covers might be visually enticing, but the right title can appeal to the targeted reader. We’d like to share some tips to help you find the perfect title to help assure your book’s success.

First and foremost, your title should carry the idea and the tone of the book. Without spoiling the plot, best-selling books have titles that persuade readers to give them a chance. A perfect example is The Last Thing He Told Me by Laura Dave, which made the New York Times best sellers list of 2021. This novel is about a man who mysteriously disappeared and whose wife and daughter need to hunt for clues based on his last words. In only six words, the title tells the audience a crucial information while keeping an air of mystery.

In addition, your title needs to be unique. Novels are identified and set apart by their titles. If you have amazing content, make sure to have a title that stands out, this way it will be easier to market your book. Avoid generic terms because sharing the same title with another author will dim your light.

Furthermore, it helps to say your title out loud and see if the pronunciation and the length contribute to making it memorable. Also, you get bonus points if the title is catchy. A common trick is to use literary tools such as the alliteration as in Pride and Prejudice.

Finally, allusions are always a plus. Alluding to another popular or established work is a powerful trick to grab the readers’ attention. The bestselling novelist Agatha Christie was an expert at using this method. Many of her most popular works such as One, Two, Buckle My Shoe, Hickory Dickory Dock, and A Pocket Full of Rye refer to nursery rhymes. Mentioning a well-known creation or fact will create a sense of familiarity between the book and the reader.

We hope the tips we’ve shared with you on how to choose the perfect title have been helpful.

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