How Long Will it Take To Write My Book?

Writing a book and publishing it is a marvelous experience for any writer. Nonetheless, many aspiring authors may be intimidated by the idea, as they question how long it will take to write their book. After all, people are busier than ever and have difficulty making time for themselves, nevertheless writing.

If what we’ve said so far resonates, we have some information regarding how long it will take to write your book and how you can speed along the process.

So, how long will it take to write my book, you ask. The truth is, it depends on the genre of your work.

Mainly, a fictional book will take longer to write. The length of a fiction book varies among genres, and the writing process can be unpredictable. And so, you’ll have to take this into account when determining how long it will take to write your book, as you are sure to come across rewrites and periods of reflection.

On the other hand, nonfiction is more predictable. Nonfiction books consist entirely of data and facts, making it much simpler for the author to develop an outline and determine how long it will take to complete.

Generally, the first draft of your book may take a year to write, with the fictional type taking longer.

Furthermore, how long it takes to write your book also depends on you. Do you have the advantage of a free schedule? Or, do you find yourself struggling to make time for writing? Your book will take much longer to write if you’re the latter.

How can you speed along how long it will take to write your book?

First and foremost, you can enlist professional help to aid you. By hiring a writing coach or critique group, you’re sure to quicken the pace. A writing coach will assist you by creating a personalized schedule for you to stick to. Additionally, a critique group will look at your work as you write to let you know if you are falling off track. With the aid of both services, writers have the advantage of a seamless and shorter writing process.

Moreover, if you don’t want to enlist help, you can always make your own writing curriculum. But beware, you’ll be in charge of holding yourself accountable and miss out on others’ professional expertise.

Evidently, hiring professional services to aid you is a massive benefit regarding how long it will take to write your book. Without professional help or a writing schedule, your book may take much longer to write. Additionally, completing a book goes beyond the writing process, as you’ll soon have to worry about editing and all that comes with publication.

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