When writers want to commercially publish their book they often think of the “Big 5” or the top 5 major publishers, one of which is HarperCollins. A HarperCollins literary agent can help you achieve your dream by representing and selling your book to HarperCollins.

As HarperCollins is a major publishing company, their imprints and editors do not accept unsolicited submissions. This means they will not accept or review manuscripts that are sent by the author, but rather all submissions must be represented by a HarperCollins literary agent. When preparing to submit your book to publishers, a HarperCollins literary agent will curate a specialized list of acquiring editors who are the right fit for your book. The editor will have published similar titles with their imprint. The HarperCollins literary agent may also have personal or professional connections with certain acquiring editors to help sell your book.

HarperCollins is a large literary publishing company, with offices and imprints across the world. A HarperCollins literary agent will need to navigate the company and find the right imprint and acquiring editor for your book. Within the overall publishing company of HarperCollins, there are several different imprints such as Avon, Harper Business, and William Morrow, etc, that specialize in different genres. A literary agent will know which imprint is the right fit for your book and which Harper Collins literary publisher to send it to.

A HarperCollins literary agent will accept a variety of fiction and non-fiction submissions, as the various imprints of HarperCollins publish different genres. However, all the submissions should be highly commercial, with an interesting, timely subject matter, and a captivating writer style. A HarperCollins literary agent will look for a book that has great sales potential written in a publishable writing voice. If the author has a large audience and following on social media, this can also increase sales potential.

Langtons International Agency is a successful HarperCollins literary agent that has placed several best-sellers with HarperCollins as a literary agent. One of the most well known titles that we sold to HarperCollins is Art in the Blood by Bonnie MacBird, the first in the best-selling Sherlock Holmes series of five books. Art in the Blood was sold to HarperCollins UK in 2015 and Langtons International has since negotiated further four further books in the series. The first three books in the series, Art in the Blood, Unquiet Spirits, and The Devil’s Due are all best sellers and are available now, the fourth book The Three Locks will be released in March 2021 and the fifth will follow shortly.

Another successful book represented by Langtons International is Marriage Made Me Do It by Ashley Fontaine. Marriage Made Me Do It is a commercial, women’s fiction thriller that was sold to Killer Reads, an imprint of HarperCollins UK. Released in 2017, this dark comedy has had great success as a standalone novel, receiving fantastic reviews.

Langtons International is always looking for new and well written commercial and interesting manuscripts to represent. We would be happy to help you.

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