BONNIE MACBIRDArt in the Blood (HarperCollins June 2016) is the first in Bonnie MacBird’s Sherlock Holmes trilogy. This fast-paced tale takes the reader through London, Bohemian Paris, and an Earl’s vast estate in Lancashire. Written in the  style of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, it is a mystery of art theft, kidnap, and murder, featuring the illustrious detective and his famous assistant, Watson. World rights sold to HarperCollins UK, published simultaneously in the USA and UK, September 2015, and international rights sold to 17 countries including Italy, Spain, France, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Croatia, Turkey, China, and Japan. Bonnie is an author and classically trained, successful actor and singer. She is the original writer of the film TRON and a three-time Emmy Award winner. Unquiet Spirits, (HarperCollins July 2017) the second in the series; became a bestseller within the first four weeks of publication. Fresh from debunking a ‘ghostly’ hound in Darmoor, Sherlock Holmes returns to London, only to find himself the target of a deadly vendetta. He is distracted when beautiful Scotswoman Isla McLaren arrives with a tale of kidnapping, ghosts, and dynamite in the Highlands. The third in the series, The Devil’s Due, will be released in October 2019.

MICHAEL RUBIN:  Cashed Out (Endeavour, August 2017) the legal and environmental thriller about “Schex” Schexnaydre a lawyer whose only client is infamous toxic waste entrepreneur G.G. Guidry, who has just been murdered, left behind $4 million he stashed with him for safekeeping. Cashed Out has recently won the Jack Eadon Literary Award in the category of “Best Book in Contemporary Drama.” Mike Rubin is an author, television and radio host, public speaker and humorist, trial and appellate attorney and professional jazz pianist and composer. His debut, The Cottoncrest Curse (Louisiana State University Press, 2014) won the IndieFab Book of the Year Gold Award as the best thriller and suspense novel. He has also received the prestigious Burton Award at the Library of Congress for outstanding writing.

WAYNE AVRASHOW: Roll the Dice (Endeavour, November 2017) is the story of a rock star who decides to run as an Independent in a crucial US Senate campaign, and the challenges and scandals he faces along the way. Tyler Sloan is caught in a political campaign fraught with sexual scandal, corruption and conflicting loyalties. Will he be able to navigate through political turbulence and his own past to win the race? Wayne Avrashow has a long history in politics. He served as a Los Angeles government commissioner for nearly twenty years, and has also advised on and managed many successful Los Angeles City Council campaigns and ballot measures. Wayne is also a practicing attorney who specializes in government advocacy, real estate, and business law. His background in politics, government, business, and law provides unique insight into the machinations and characters that populate political campaigns.

PHYLLIS MELHADO: The Spa at Lavender Lane (Black Rose Writing, Spring 2020) is a fascinating women’s fiction, page-turner of what happens when a burnt out Fifth Avenue retail executive, a scheming supermodel, an insecure housewife on the verge of her second divorce, and an underappreciated assistant director with her own agenda enter a Palm Springs’ premier sauna. Phyllis Melhado was the former Vice President of Public Relations for Estee Lauder, where she launched some of the world’s most popular beauty products, managed careers of supermodels, and publicized the iconic Pink Ribbon. She has ghost written a best-selling beauty book and has written for national fashion and beauty columns.

JAZ DAVISONOnce Upon a Mouse (Austin Macauley Publishers March 2018) a quirky and funny all-ages fantasy novel with beautiful illustrations by David Cabuco. A rollicking cat and mouse tale, but this time they’re on the same side, joining forces with a local Solihull lad to defeat the nefarious forces that are causing chaos all around them. The answer lies in the World of Fairy Tales, but can they save everyone in time?A modern take on timeless truths, familiar rhymes, fables, and fairy tales, told through the eyes of an ‘ultra-logical’ mouse, a non-predatory cat, and a teenage story-teller. Jaz Davison (writing as J.A. Zarifian) is an award winning stage director and actor. She has been by turns, a daughter, a cousin, a mother, a divorcee, a widow, an aunt, a lover, a godmother, and an eminence grise.

ALASTAIR LUFT: Jihadi Bride (Black Rose Writing, August 2019) a gripping thriller that follows a father and daughter torn between rival agendas who must choose between family or country. Erik Petersson is a member of the High Risk Travelers Task Force, an organization that prevents indivividuals from joining extremeist groups. When his daughter joins the Islamic Caliphate, Erik ignores order and goes to Syria to retrieve his daughter from the terrorist regime, whatever the cost. Alastair Luft currently serves as a Lieutenant-Colonel in the Canadian Armed Forces and has spent most of the past fourteen years in counter-terrorism and special operations. His debut novel was The Battle Within, a portrayal of PTSD (Inkshares, 2017) and received many favorable reviews.

ASHLEY FONTAINNE: Marriage Made Me Do It (HarperCollins UK September 2017) about a housewife who snaps and goes on a rampage after a series of heartbreaking events. Roxy Davenport is part of a dying breed: she’s the perfect housewife. But it turns out all the while,  her husband has been playing by his own rules…and playing around. Now Roxy is throwing out the rule book, and her perfect neighborhood will never be the same. Italian rights sold November 2017. Ashley Fontainne is an award-winning and internationally bestselling author who writes in numerous genres including mystery, suspense, horror, and sci-fi. She enjoys stories that immerse the reader deep into the human psyche and explores  the monsters lurking within each of us.

TJ CHAMPITTO: The Medina Device (Black Rose Writing, 2020) features former Navy SEAL Cameron Lyle on a Robin Hood style heist when he is offered fifteen million dollars to steal a recently unearthed ancient artifact from the CIA. TJ Champitto is an American novelist, blogger, and experienced marketing strategist. He is a travel blogger at The Blazing Nomad, for which he has won many awards, and his work has been featured in travel publications around the globe.

CAREY HARRISONThe Heart Beneath Quartet (Endeavour Press October 2016). The four books, Richard’s FeetEgonCley and How to Push Through originally published by William Heinemann, explore the life and adventures of one or more members of an extended family, British and, latterly, German, whose lives lead them in different directions, but who ultimately re-unite in the Cornish town of Liskeard. Carey Harrison is a prize-winning novelist, playwright, theater director and actor. Carey’s most recent play, Rex & Rex, celebrates his father, the honorable stage and screen star, Rex Harrison. Carey has written 40 stage plays, hundreds of television plays, including  17 hours of BBC Masterpiece Theater, and many award-winning radio dramas for the BBC. His book Justice (Dr. Cicero Books) has sold over 23,000 copies and is long listed for the Booker Prize.

GEOFFREY GLOVER-WRIGHTHard Act (Endeavour, Februrary 2017) the hard-hitting, timely and controversial thriller. In 2011, American Seal Team Six killed Osama ben Laden in an ultre-secret operation hailed as the outgoing president’s crowning achievement. Only the CIA knows the truth, and all it would take for the president’s legacy to be tarnished forever is for one agent to turn rogue.Geoffrey Glover-Wright is the best-selling author from the 1990s including, WhitefireThe Hound of HeavenEight Day, and Headhunter which have been sold to Endeavour Press for republication January 2018. Glover-Wright spent time with contract soldiers and seconded SAS units in Oman’s clandestine rebel war, an experience resulting in his debut novel The Torch published by Putman USA and Hutchinson UK.

MARC MCGUIRE: Missions (Black Rose Writing, 2020) is an illuminating thriller, as Doyle O’Gara is thrust into the center of a global political crisis after an explosion in the heart of Paris leaves French and American authorities reeling. Marc McGuire is an international lawyer who lived in Paris for 8 years as European General Counsel & Regional Compliance Officer for Delphi Automotive Systems, where he was responsible for a wide variety of legal matters in all the major business regions.

SAARA DUTTONIsland Rites is a darkly humorous psychological thriller about the residents of Haida Island, and all the skeletons in their closets. Strange forces on Haida Island have been awakened with the arrival of a mysterious preacher, Reverend Corlin, as locals resort to blackmailing and threatening each other in attempts to keep their secrets hidden. Saara Dutton is a freelance journalist, theater producer, and podcast host, whose work has been published in the New York Times, The New York Observer, and Writer’s Digest, Saara began her career at the CNN headquarters in Atlanta.

ROBERTA SERETThe Gift of Diamonds seamlessly intertwines fact and fiction as Mica, a 17 year old girl living in communist Romania in 1965, must flee the country after her politically active parents are arrested by the secret police. Roberta Seret has a Ph.D in comparative literature and is a professor and lecturer of political science and history. She enjoys teaching through film and is the founder and president of International Cinema Education Inc. and the author of the educational book World Affairs through Foreign Film (McFarland Publishers, 2011).

ROB TRAVALINO: The Ten Prophets explores the very foundations of life, society and humanity to challenge our notions of why. The ensemble story shares pivotal moments in the lives of seemingly diverse individuals and in the end seduces the reader into reflecting on the truth of their own existence and challenges them to wonder how life so interconnected can be made to feel so very different? Rob is a professional story advocate and has two decades of experience in producing, strategizing, story-forming, managing, writing and marketing entertainment and gaming properties for clients like Dreamworks, Disney, Lucasfilm, Warner Brothers, Hasbro and more.

CHRIS DI GIUSEPPI AND MIKE FORCE:  The Light Bringer (Health Communications Inc., 2013)by Mike Force and Chris Di Giuseppi is an outstanding supernatural adventure which pulls the reader into a world beyond and makes the reader wonder if this is really a work of fiction. The Light Bringer bridges the gap between the goodness and evil that exist in this world . The story is one of hope and gives meaning to the phrase “you reap what you sow”. Alan Crane, an-ex military man, who discovers he has the gift of helping loved ones pass over to the next life, sharing in their journeys both challenged and otherwise, and helping those family members left behind to deal with the pain of loss. Written by the Chief of Police and the Deputy Chief of Police of Lake St Louis, Missouri, it is based on real life incidents confronting these two heroes on a daily basis. Published by HCI June 2011. The Light Bringer has been optioned for a big screen movie by Undergo Entertainment. The Light Bringer Book 2 The Fallen also sold to Health Communications Inc published March 2013.

ROBERT PARKER: A Wanted Man (Endeavour Press March 2017) sold 16,000 copies in the first 9 months of publication. This first book in the Ben Bracken thriller trilogy follows a dishonorably discharged ex-serviceman who escapes prison in Manchester, England and gets caught up, and brings down the sinister underworld of a crime ring that threatens the city. In his second book, Crook’s Hollow (Black Rose Writing March 2018) a generations long family feud boils over when the life of the Loxley’s youngest son has been threatened. Robert Parker has degrees in law and in film and media production. He currently writes full time, while also making time to encourage new young readers and authors through readings and workshops at local schools and bookstores. In his third book and second in the Ben Bracken series, Morte Point (Endeavour Quill July 2018), Ben returns and is involved in a  brand new action-packed adventure which deals with international espionage. The latest in the Ben Bracken series, The Penny Black will be released in September 2019.