If you are an author planning to sell and publish your book, you may want to consider working with a book marketing agency. A book marketing agency will work with you to promote your book and increase sales.

As a new author, marketing should begin before your book is even published. It is important to build a platform and reputation as a writer to create an audience base. When an author submits their unpublished manuscript to a literary agent or publisher, their platform and audience will be taken into consideration, as it demonstrates the book’s sales potential. A book marketing agency can help you to build your platform.

If you are working with a book marketing agency you must first develop your online presence. Nowadays, most marketing happens online and through social media. You should create an author page to promote you and your work on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. These will differ from your personal pages in that they will solely be about your writing, book events, and other things related to your career as an author. You should also create an author website dedicated to your books. A book marketing agency would then add to your website, including reviews, events, and other promotions. In their own postings and newsletters, they would also be able to refer to your website, and direct traffic to your author page.

A book marketing agency can help to promote your book and increase your platform in many different ways. The first benefit is their outreach. A good book marketing agency will have a strong reputation and a wide outreach to various media outlets, book reviews, book stores, and everyday readers. They can use these connections to market your book and increase your platform, both on social media and through in person events to help with your book marketing.

A book marketing agency will create a personalized marketing plan for each author, depending on their type of book and intended audience. Social media marketing can include sending out newsletters, participating in paid advertising, and doing book raffles and giveaways. In person events include book signings, readings, and meet and greets. Scheduling interviews, podcasts, and book reviews draw on aspects of both in person events and online marketing. Using a combination of social media and traditional marketing, a book marketing agency will help create the right plan for you to get the word out about you and your book and increase sales.

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