Characteristics of the Best Literary Agents for First Time Authors

Having a literary agent on your side is a significant boost to any author’s credibility and career.  Finding the best literary agent for first time authors can seem daunting to many first-time authors due to inexperience and little familiarity with the publishing industry. So, here are some tips on what to keep an eye out for when looking for the best literary agents for first-time authors.

First, you will need to research existing literary agencies. Specifically, you should explore the agency’s catalog of books and writers to find the ones you find yourself most drawn to.

Simply put, the best literary agents for first-time authors have experience working with new writers and often specialize in specific genres. Taking on an inexperienced author may be uncomfortable territory for some, so you should make sure that the agency you choose is first-time author-friendly, raising your chances of being picked up as a client.

Most importantly, a literary agent well-versed in dealing with first-time authors will know precisely how to appeal to publishers on your behalf. The literary agent you choose should know how to build up your image as a new author and sell your work. One of the many ways the best literary agent for first time authors, may excel at this task is by advising the author on building an online platform, boosting their chances of success.

In addition, you should also look at agencies interested in the genre you’re writing in. After all, it would be unlikely that a mystery thriller to be noticed by an agency devoted to romance authors. So, remember to pitch to the agencies that fit your specific criteria. The best literary agent for you as a first time author,  should tick every one of your boxes, no need to fear being overly selective.

Moreover, the best literary agents for first-time authors provide services to improve the author’s work. Feedback on their work is critical to a new author’s success. And so, the best agent for you will advise you on how to strengthen your work. For instance, many agents will have readers assess your work to bring it to its full potential. Also, some agents will offer editing services right then and there to aid you in the writing process. Agents with such services at their disposal are the ones to look out for to strengthen your work as an inexperienced author.

And lastly, the best literary agents for first-time authors usually come down to the kindest, most patient ones. The publishing industry is no walk in the park, and first-time authors will often encounter many obstacles. So, the best literary agent for you is the one that shows you the passion and drive needed  and also patience to introduce you and your work to the world.

Langtons International Agency has experience working with first-time authors, and we are always on the lookout for new talent. Langtons International Agency is  more than happy to be able to steer a first-time author towards the path to success in the literary world.