Benefits of a Writer’s Conference

As an author, you should feel at home at a writer’s conference. Due to their numerous benefits, conferences need to be recurring parts of a writer’s schedule. Therefore we’re thrilled to share the reasons why as an author you should attend a writer’s conference.

Firstly, you acquire knowledge and ideas on becoming a better writer. This is the most common
motivation and benefit behind regular attendance at writers’ conferences. Inspiration can strike
anywhere but it is more likely in an environment where people have a common passion and are
vocal about their perspectives about it. Conferences are also a smart way to keep up with the
trends and therefore to know where to aim your next book.

A writer’s conference is a great environment for networking. Apart from creating content, a big
part of a writer’s life is connecting with fellow professionals. Since a writer’s conference
prioritizes the discussion of books and the writing process, it is a given that the attendees share a
common interest in literature. Therefore, a common interest can lead to collaborations or simply
lifelong connections.

Furthermore, a writer’s conference is the best place to advertise yourself and your work.
Although a lot of attendees are emerging writers, a number of literary agents and editors will also
be present. Of course, there is no guarantee that a contract will be signed there, at the very least
you will have received valuable feedback.

Finally, a writer’s conference is an easy way to keep up with new trends. The literary world is
everchanging and that can leave you wondering which way to focus your work as a writer. What
are contemporary readers looking for in each genre? What type of book covers attract readers?
As you network with readers, writers, agents and publishing companies, you should be able to
find answers to most of the questions you may have. Keeping up with emerging themes and
topics will help you market your book and shape your future projects.

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