When looking to get a thriller published, it is helpful to work with a literary agent that has experience in thrillers! Literary agents for thrillers have connections with the commercial publishers that publish thriller books, and have had experience knowing how to get their author’s thrillers published.

Thrillers are action-packed books that have twists and turns.  They are cliffhangers, and  keep the reader reading on the edge of their seat. Thrillers are page turners filled with suspense, and are often described as books the readers “can’t put down”.

Working with a thriller literary agent will increase the odds of the book being published. When looking for a literary agent for thrillers, there are a few things to consider. An author needs to find an agent that specializes in thrillers and their knowledge of the thriller publishing world. Connections with editors in the publishing world that have experience publishing thrillers are essential for any thriller literary agent, and agents that have published this genre before will have connection with the editors in the various commercial publishing houses. If a thriller literary agent only works with authors who have been published before, a first-time author will need  to find a thriller literary agent who takes on first time authors. Langtons International Agency is a literary agency that has had experience publishing thrillers, and we do work with first time authors as well as experienced thriller authors.. One of our best selling series is Art In The Blood a Sherlock Holmes 5 book series, sold to Harper collins, who sold it to 17 countries.

There are many different types of thrillers, including stories of heists, military, terrorist attacks, and criminals on the run. Langtons International has experience publishing many different types of thrillers. Books we’ve had experience with before also include The Medina Device by T.J. Champitto which won a 2020 Maxy Award for best thriller, K-Town Confidential by Brad Chisholm and Claire Kim, which is the winner of both Pencraft and Maxy Awards, and Mission by Marc McGuire, which follows a computer scientist working with the CIA after a terrorist attack in Paris.

We are always looking for new thrillers to represent so please reach out and contact us.

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