Agents are always looking for memoirs to represent. If you have written a memoir and would like it to be published, Langtons International Agency is an experienced agent looking for memoir and has had a lot of success in getting memoirs published.

Memoirs can be written in many different styles, and when looking for an agent looking for memoir, you need to find one that has had experience. There are many agents looking for memoir who work with all types of memoirs.

There are three primary things to focus on when writing a memoir if an author wants their book to find an agent looking for memoir. In order to connect with the reader, it is important for authors to be as “real” as they can when writing, and write about relatable parts of their lives. Focusing on the theme you’re writing about is also very important. It is easy when writing about one’s life to get sidetracked with stories, but the readers pick up the book to read about a specific time in the author’s life. It is also important to be authentic with the story. Readers are smart, and if a story feels unrealistic or the story points don’t line up, the readers will lose their interest and agents looking for a memoir will not be interested.

For a memoir to relate with an audience, the story needs to be authentic. Reciting the facts of the experiences in an author’s life is not enough to connect to the reader. In order to create the best written memoir, so that it will attract agents looking for memoir, it is important that the emotion and development of the author’s character  as they went through during their experience should form a connection with the reader. Show these emotions, not just tell them and your memoir will be more likely to be taken by agents looking for memoir.

Literary agents are always looking for memoirs to represent, and if you’re looking for an experienced literary agent to help you with the publication of you book, Langtons International Agency has experience with many different types of memoirs, and we would love to hear from you. Examples of memoir represented by Langtons International Agency to the commercial publishers include Trumbo by Bruce Cook (Grand Central Publishing) My Islam by Amir Ahmad Nasr (St Martins Press), Oscar’s Ghost by Laura Lee (Amberleigh Publishing)

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