If you are a brand-new author, it can be very difficult to navigate the complicated world of publishing. It is helpful for those first-time authors to work with a literary agent that knows how to connect with publishers and make the book as successful as it can be. Langtons International Agency is an example of an agent for first time authors as they know how to connect first-time authors with the commercial publishers.


Working with a literary agent for first time authors is helpful not just for first time authors but for any author. However, It is especially helpful for first-time authors that have not navigated the publishing field before. Literary agents have connections with publishers, editors, and marketers, and are able to take an author’s first book and make it seem like they’ve been writing their whole lives. Writing the book is only half the battle for authors, as they must then get the word out about their book and get it published so it can sell. Working with a literary agents for first time authors relieves a lot of that pressure for them, as the connections agents have made can make the process quicker, more efficient, and trustworthy.  Literary agents for first time authors greatly increas the chances of the author being published by a commercail publisher.


Literary agents tend to specialize in certain genre, whether they only work with mystery authors or maybe they are agents that do not work with first-time authors. When a first-time author is looking for an agent to work with, it is important to make sure that they are agents who not only work with first-time authors, but have lots of experience with first time authors. An agent’s experience in publishing is the most important thing for an author to look for, as it shows what type of connection the agent has with publishers. If an agent has successfully published multiple first-time authors before, then it is a smart idea to work with them.


There are a number of things a first-time author can do on their own to make connecting with a literary agent easier, and the primary thing is establishing an audience for their book. By showing an author that people are interested in reading their book through social media, agents and publishers will be more excited to work with a first-time author. Authors can create this audience a few ways, such as creating professional social media accounts. Social media is a very easy and visible way to show agents how many people are interested in a book.  An agent for first time authors will encourage a writer to work on their online social media presence.


Navigating the publishing world can be very difficult for first-time authors, as it is a difficult industry and it is all about having connections. Literary agents for first time authors can make things much easier for the author. Langtons International Agency has worked with first-time authors for almost twenty years, and have the connections with publishers that make working with literary agents worth it for first time authors.


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