Have you completed a manuscript and are now ready to publish your book? At Langtons International we offer a variety of services to help you become a published author. Whether literary representation, professional editing, or hybrid publishing, we can help you achieve your goal to publish your book.

One step to publish your book is to sell your book to a commercial publisher. For this, you will need a literary agent. Commercial publishers do not take unsolicited submissions, so you must find a reputable literary agent with the proper connections to sell your book to a commercial publisher to publish your book. A literary agent will curate a list of the right commercial publishers to whom to submit your book to, manage offers, and negotiate a great deal and contract. Langtons International Agency has had great success placing authors with commercial publishers. Some of the best-selling books we have represented include Art in the Blood by Bonnie MacBird, the first in a four book Sherlock Holmes Series published by Harper Collins, Trumbo by Bruce Cook, sold to Grand Central Publishing which is now a major motion film, and The Miracle Ball Method by Elaine Petrone which has sold over a million copies published by Workman Publishing. We are currently open for submissions and would love to hear from you to represent you to commercial publishers. Contact us at langtonsinternational.com/contact

Another important step to publish your book is professional editing. Whether you are submitting your book to literary agents, independent publishers, or self-publishing it is important to have a finalized, professionally edited manuscript.  A professional editor has the experience and knowledge of the publishing industry to guide you in reworking your book and bringing it to the next level to publish your book. Langtons International works with excellent professional editors, some of whom are award winning authors, or who have worked at major publishing houses. We help connect writers with the perfect editor to bring their book to the next level. Learn more about our editing services at langtonsinternational.com

Finally, a great way to publish your book professionally is to work with a hybrid publishing company. A hybrid publisher combines aspects of traditional publishing and self-publishing to quickly publish your book and get it on the market. Central Park South Publishing is a successful, new independent hybrid publisher. Your book will be treated as a commercially published book, as we work with the author to produce books to the highest standard and offer traditional distribution through all major bookstores, libraries and other trade outlets both in the US and UK, for hard back and trade paperback, as well as eight online platforms for eBooks, including Amazon. Let us help publish your book.  Some of our successful titles so far include Forget the Drama, Avoid the Trauma by Robin DesCamp, Your Magnetic Energy by Dan Hoeger, A Vanishing in Greenwich Village by Elisabeth Amaral, and A Suitable Necklace by Kim Akhtar. Central Park South Publishing works with a variety of genres in fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. We would love to publish your book. Learn more at langtonsinternational.com/central-park-publishing

We look forward to hearing from you, and to helping you publish your book.