Linda Langton, the President of Langtons International, a successful literary agency specializing in well written, bestselling books from a variety of genres, noticing the changing paradigm in the publishing industry, has started a new independent hybrid publishing company, Central Park South Publishing. Since its inception in January 2020, it has published, or is in the process of publishing, nine wonderful books of different genres, fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

Central Park South Publishing works with the author to produce books to the highest standard and offers traditional distribution through all major bookstores, libraries and other trade outlets both in the US and UK, for hard back and trade paperback, as well as eight online platforms for eBooks, including  Central Park South Publishing works with award winning international book designers who design wonderful, high-end front covers which reflect the content of their books. The back cover includes the author’s photo, a short description of the book, and all great book reviews.  The interior is formatted to industry standards and can include photos and diagrams.

We will also help you connect to a fantastic editor if you need fine tuning your book and bring it up to publishable standards.

Central Park South Publishing welcomes all genres of well written, interesting fiction and non-fiction books. We will work with you to produce, publish, and distribute your book to your targeted audience through our distribution partners, Ingram Distribution and your book and eBook will be available on Amazon.  We also help you with marketing your book once it has been published.

Some of our successful non-fiction books include the self-help book Your Magnetic Energy by Dan Hoeger, and the divorce how-to guide Forget the Drama, Avoid the Trauma by Robin DesCamp. Our recent women’s fiction titles which are selling very well are A Vanishing in Greenwich Village by Elisabeth Amaral and A Suitable Necklace by Kim Akhtar.

We are now also publishing two poetry books. A Moment in Time by Natalia Lazarus which will be released shortly, as will I Knew I Was a Girl by Christine Quarnstrom which is currently in production.  America’s Environmental Crisis by Peter Wallenberger, is a riveting book on the environment and how we are destroying it, and which will be published soon. See our website:

We would be delighted to hear from you, and to help you publish your book with Central Park South Publishing.

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We look forward to publishing your book